As all of your probably know, I got married at the beginning of June! Our wedding day was seriously the best thing I could have ever dreamed of! Our vendors were amazing, everyone we loved was there, and IT DIDN’T RAIN DURING THE CEREMONY! (It was pouring rain right up until the ceremony, stopped for the ceremony, and then started pouring right after.) But any who, onto what this blog post is really about. Advice I would give to engaged couples or couples who are dating and talking about marriage.

1. Create a wedding email.

This is something I didn’t hear until AFTER I already gave my vendors my personal email and starting having problems sifting through them! If you make an email SPECIFICALLY for all wedding things, it’s makes everything so much easier to keep track of! You have all contracts there, contact information, just basically everything you need in one email that does not mix with anything else! Do it, it will help in the long run I promise!

2. Don’t stress the small stuff-it won’t matter in the end anyway.

That saying, take it seriously and know the small things really won’t matter. I kept freaking out the week before the wedding because of the weather. We were told that it was supposed to rain only on our wedding day. (Lucky us) So I was so worried about what to do, how to keep everyone dry, etc. All I should have done was rent the giant canopy to cover everyone for the reception and then just move on. But no, I didn’t. In the end I didn’t need to freak out because our ceremony was not that long, as well as everyone who came knew the forecast and should have come prepared just in case. But in the end, there was no rain during the ceremony! (Check out his shoulder in the photo and my curls in my hair flattened! But the photos were perfect👌🏼)

3. Have a what-if savings for the wedding.

Like stated in number 2, there are things you will probably worry about. Have some money set aside so you don’t add financial stress to your issues! We should have had money set aside for if it rained and what we should do if it rained, but we didn’t. So we scrambled financially to make it work. But if we had something set aside it would have helped a ton!

4. Don’t spend a ton on food.

Food is great, and you do need it but no one will remember the food. Don’t spend a ton on catering, or having lots of options, etc. We literally spend less than 300 dollars on all food, cake and silverware/plates for a planned 100 people. (Costco is the best.) P.S. Don’t spend a ton on a fancy cake. Most times they don’t taste good or aren’t worth it in the long run. Get a Costco cake that is $18.99 and can feed over 40 people and is DELICIOUS. You can get it to where it’s in little squares and has cute roses that matches your wedding colors and it’s still pretty cute (That’s what we did). Put your money more toward things like photographers, videographers, things you will keep forever and look back on. Another way to help with cutting back on food cost, is have your wedding after meal times! Our ceremony was at 1pm and our wedding was fully over by 5pm! That gives you plenty of time to celebrate and have fun, but then you do not have to worry about providing a whole entire meal for a ton of people!

5. Do not feel forced to invite people YOU OR YOUR FIANCÉ don’t want to invite.

You will not always be able to make everyone happy. Also, it’s your big day. If you don’t feel comfortable with inviting your second cousin twice removed on your dad’s side (just an example), then don’t. All in all, you want people there you love and want to celebrate this milestone with.

6. Personally saying–have a long engagement.

Long engagements are so nice because you have time to plan!! You don’t have to rush into things, pick out everything within the first week of being engaged. As well as you can save up for the bills you’ll have to pay 😂. Also, most venues, photographers and videographers book out so far in advance, it just helps to make sure your date does not get taken, and if so, you can plan accordingly. Christopher and I had a 9 month long engagement and I honestly think it was a perfect amount of time! Not too long, but not too short.

7. Get a videographer!!

We got our wedding video back from our videographer @articulatefilmco (Link to our wedding video: and we both were crying when watching it. We were able to relive our wedding and just be able to rewatch it and catch little things we missed on our big day. Also we have our whole ceremony recorded, toasts, etc. My main reason for getting a videographer was so I would be able to show my children my wedding day. And also, if I ever lost my memory, I would be able to watch my wedding day over. It’s just something I am so grateful I did. They are pricy but if you budget right, it can work, as well as is worth it.

8. Have board games at your wedding.

I loved that we did this! I don’t know how many people actually used them but while Christopher and I were away taking photos after the ceremony we had our guests wait an hour for our big entrance. While waiting they chatted as well as could play board games to pass time! I love board games and thought that would help entertain people instead of forcing them to just sit and talk for a long time!

9. Compromise is key.

If you and your fiancé are butting heads over something, just compromise. Maybe you don’t like vanilla cake and he does. Get both cakes and move on. Or just let him get vanilla cake and you get to pick the wedding color (Just an example). Just make sure you aren’t getting heated over something that is not worth fighting over. Especially as you get closer and closer to the date, things already get tense and you bicker a ton! But it’s just not worth making each other feel bad, so just let him have vanilla cake.

10. Let your bridesmaids find their dress.

One thing I loved when wedding planning was going bridesmaids dress shopping with each bridesmaid! I basically gave them a color and said, please pick a long dress but you pick what style you like! It was so awesome to have each of them pick a different dress that fit their body shape and made them feel comfortable! I didn’t want to force them into a dress that they didn’t like, as well as make them buy a dress they didn’t like. Oh and shoes! Since they had long dresses, I did not care what shoes their wore! I just advised them not to wear heels since it was a outdoor venue and also I’m short and wanted to feel tall my wedding day! 😂 So they could have worn 2 year old flats they had and I would not care! It helps makes things cheaper for them and not force them to get shoes they’d never probably wear again.


My florist told me she knew someone that pressed flowers and actually does that for wedding bouquets so you can keep your flowers forever and it’s not like you just have a dead bunch of flowers you really can do nothing with! @elkdownranch is who I did mine through since I’m in Washington! But you can always look around your area and see who presses flowers and see if they can press your flowers into glass and make an amazing piece of art for you to keep forever! ❤️

12. When doing your day of timeline, OVER PLAN TIME!

So if you schedule your hair and makeup do it for 30 minutes longer than you think it will take!! But do that with everything!!! We ended up being 1 hour late to our first look but we had time! We only had 30 minutes together before our ceremony but we weren’t late for our ceremony! Also we over planned the time for our ceremony (said it would take an hour, only took maybe 25 minutes). So we had more time to go out and take photos together!! This will help you not stress about your ceremony starting hours later than you said and also could give you more time for other important things like having more time to take more photos together!! ❤️

13. Have a wedding hashtag!

This is an easy way to get guests involved in your wedding as well as be able to see all their photos in one place! They each have their own perspective of the wedding and it’s so fun to see all those photos after your big day!

14. Make sure your guests can hear you!!!!

If you have an outdoor venue or know you’ll have a ton of guests, get a DJ to do your ceremony! I’ve been to so many weddings who don’t have mics and it’s so hard to hear their vows! Spend the extra money in getting microphones so you know your guests, who took time to come to your wedding, can actually be apart of it and hear it!


Dancing is so fun and everyone always has a good time when there is a good song playing! Even if you just have an iPod hook up to some speakers just have a fun dance party!

There are probably more things I could list with wedding advice but I think these are some of my most important tips/things I learned! Please share this blog with your friends who are engaged or will possibly be getting engaged soon! It might help them out in their wedding journey! I know some of these tips I wished I had learned about! ❤️❤️