“Brain Surgery At 20”

Boy did I ever think those words would come out of my mouth, like ever. Most people don’t expect to have brain surgery or have something wrong with them in general but I most certainly did.

Last week on the 12th of June my newly married husband and I (and my parents) all went down to Portland Oregon for my surgery. I had an MRI that night to get done so I went to that and then stayed up the whole night dreaming about my big surgery the next day. Like I’ve said I’m so many other posts, I have had two sinus surgeries before but this was way bigger of a deal. First they would be breaking my nose, drilling a hole in my scalp, sucking out the cyst, then covering the hole between my brain and nasal passageway and finishing it by repositioning my nose.

On the 13th of June I entered the hospital with so many different emotions, anger, fear, sadness, excitement and so many more. I wanted the cyst out but I was terrified of the recovery as well as how I would feel. What if they didn’t get all the cyst? What if all the things they said that can go wrong did? So many things running through my mind at ONLY 20 years old.

I went back to pre-op and only one person was allowed back with me at a time so I had Christopher and my mother take some turns to see me before I went under. It was nice chatting with them and calming me down so I did not get up and have a panic attack like I thought was going to happen. My nurses were all so sweet to me and I met with my ent team, endocrinology team, and my neurosurgery team and I knew I was in great hands at OHSU. My anesthesiologist made sure I was comfortable going into the operating room and that’s my last memory before I woke up. And guys, anesthesia is so weird. If you have never had it before it’s just a weird feeling. When you fall asleep, you can tell that you’ve been asleep for a while. Anesthesia, nope. It’s boom you are asleep, to boom you are awake. Super weird. But anywho, my first thing I remember was them asking if I wanted to try and get on the bed by myself or if I wanted them to move me. And of course I told them I didn’t want to move 😂 so they moved me. I was in the ICU while I was coming off anesthesia but I was in a normal room about 2 hours later.

I know I didn’t make my surgery out to be a big deal but once I came out of surgery I was watched like a hawk. I had my arm pricked over 20 times while being in the hospital to check my hormones and to see if I had Diabetes Insipidus which I ended up having after surgery. I seriously was downing water like no one’s business. They tested me to see my sodium levels this past Monday and all looked good! Going home they wanted me to watch to see if I leak clear fluid out of my noise or taste salty/metallic stuff since that could be spinal fluid leaking from my brain, which is also bad. My heart rate was also pretty high while I was awake the first couple days out of surgery so they made sure to check my vitals all the time.

Here is what clinically went on during my surgery:

1. Frameless stereotactic transnasal trans transsphenoidal endoscopic guided fenstration of sellar cyst

2. Extended endoscopic approach to sellar requiring:

A. Endoscopic removal of the right middle turbinates

B. Endoscopic bilateral posterior ethmoidectomy

C. Endoscopic bilateral sphenoidotomies

D. Posterior septectomy

3. Vasularized nasoseptal falp graft of the sellar pedicled on the right posterior septal artery

4. Free mucosal graft reconstruction of the right anterior septum

Right now I am home and resting. Nothing seems to be wrong or in pain since I’m on medications as well as it’s been about a week since surgery. I’m loving being home with my puppies and new husband who has been the sweetest at taking care of me through this time. I just have the best support system ever. I love you all.

P.S. I am still trying to raise money to help pay for my surgery so if you wouldn’t mind considering donating, even a dollar makes a difference. Thank you.