I know my blog has been a lot about my brain cyst and my surgery, but I want to bring it back to some more fun topics and exciting things! Christopher and I get married next month and I could not be any more excited! I will totally blog about that adventure and my tips and tricks on what I did for my wedding after!

What I wanted to post about today was that we moved into a new place! ๐Ÿ˜ No more small one bedroom apartments. Time for a two bed two bath place! This place again has a washer and dryer in the unit and is just absolutely perfect. Here are some pictures of my place and how it is decorated so far! I will list all of the items in the photos and where I bought them from just in case you were curious!

Table: IKEA

Chairs: Target

Pictures: HomeGoods

Rug: Costco

Pug: Idaho Breeder ๐Ÿ˜‰

Couches: Mor Furniture

Coffee Table: Target

Rug: HomeGoods

Lamps: Lowe’s

Bookshelf: Walmart

Jars: Target

Baskets: Target

Sign: I think Marshall’s, but it was a gift

Succulent (fake): Target

Bookshelf: Walmart

Dog Toy Box: Target

Picture Frames: Target

Mirrors: Walmart

Blessed Sign: HomeGoods

Clock: Unknown

Get Comfy WiFi Sign: Etsy

Bedding & Sheets: Target

SideTables: HomeGoods

Lamps: Target

Signs: Etsy

Soap Dispensers: Target

3 Jar Holder: Target

Shower Curtain: Marshall’s

One of my favorite parts of this place is the fact that we have a mini dog park on the property! It is right across from our complex so I can just put the dogs on a leash and take them right over. They play for hours and have such a great time! They have agility toys and surprisingly Charlotte is the one that plays on them, not the Aussie, Callie. The puppies have loved having a โ€œbackyardโ€ to run and pee and poop in, instead of just going on walks every once in a while. We have gone everyday so far that we have been here.