Today was my bridal shower and boy was it a fun time! It was hard work putting it on and setting up but it was all worth it for my friends and family to come and celebrate me getting married in 56 days!! Oh my goodness it is coming up!!

I just wanted to share photos of my bridal shower and give some tips and tricks to make it easier on brides!

I wanted this shower to not just be about me, but about Christopher and I. I placed tons of pictures of us in my mom’s book shelf and had some little games in there as well. We did how many kisses from the miss’s where we placed kisses in a jar and made the guest guess the amount of kisses in the jar! The winner gets the jar as well as the kisses! We also did a ring game where you wear a ring but if you say the words bride or wedding, you can have your ring taken from you or if you hear those words you can take the ring of the person who said them.

One thing I would tell all brides to have at their shower is a station with envelops so your guests can write their name and address on the envelop so it makes it easier for your thank you cards!! I’m soooo glad I did because it has made my life easier when writing these thank you cards. We also had a stand where I had old photos of myself and the guests had to guess my age in the photos.

For my favors I wanted to do something that people would enjoy and are useful! So I did bath-bombs! They smelt amazing and were very nice for a stressful day.

What we did for snacks was a sweet theme. Tons of candy and treats like brownies, cookies and cupcakes. We also had some savory items like meatballs and mini sausages, chips with bean dip, salsa, and guacamole! So yummy! If you are wanting a guacamole that will go down AMAZING at your party, Costco guacamole will. I had so many people tell me how good the guacamole was!

All in all the bridal shower was amazing. It was great to chat with my friends and family and be able to share the excitement of the upcoming wedding!

Enjoy these photos of my family and friends! ❤️❤️