I remember being 17 years old, in the middle of my senior year sitting in my psychology class and I got this headache. It was out of the blue and just there. I thought maybe it was a lack of water, maybe I was tired so I shook it off. Days went by and this headache was still there. I then went to my primary care doctor and told her about this problem. She then found I had a sinus infection and prescribed me normal antibiotics. I then came back weeks later to the same problem. This time I was prescribed a steroid to help clear my sinuses. This totally worked but then I felt worse. This process of going into the doctor and getting meds went on for months. Then my doctor actually referred me to an ENT even though she thought it was an allergy problem. I wrote about this on an earlier blog post “Nose Job? Whaaaa.

I then had my first sinus surgery which did not help at all. I still had bad headaches and it was starting to get irritating since I was in college reading more books, writing papers, etc. I then kept going back to my ENT telling them I was still having pain and then I was given medications over and over until I was referred to get ANOTHER sinus surgery. I also wrote about this process as well “POSSIBLY ANOTHER SURGERY???” My doctor then kept trying medications until March 2017 and then I was scheduled to have a second surgery. “SURGERY CONFIRMED. After this surgery I actually felt better for a good month, but then the pain came right back.

I then went a different route with my headache and looked into my back. I learned I have scoliosis and arthritis all throughout my back. I have written a post on this as well. “LIVING WITH SCOLIOSIS”.This helped some issues again, but did not get rid of my headaches. I did go farther into learning about the issues with my back but this again led to a dead end.

I had also started noticing that my vision was changing. I never could explain what really was happening but basically I just had some spots that were blurry in my eyes. I’ve had glasses since I was about 7 years old but my vision had never changed. If anything, my vision got better. But then something changed so I got my eyes check and they were healthy, but my prescription did change. So I got new glasses in August 2017.

Since my eyes was a dead end as well I then scheduled an appointment with the ENT and this actually was good because they just hired another ENT so a new opinion was going to look at my nose. He looked at my nose and started asking about what medications I’ve tried and I tried them all. He was shocked and then decided to refer me to a neurologist and if she did not find anything then he would refer me to a sinus specialist in Spokane. I then went to the neurologist and she wanted an MRI. I kept pushing back the MRI and then I actually ended up in the emergency room with dizziness and almost fainting. They did a CT scan of my head and came to the conclusion that I should go back to my ENT since it was sinus related. So then I went to my ENT and he wanted me to get a CT scan of just my sinuses so it could confirm a third sinus surgery. When I called to scheduled this CT scan they actually still had my MRI on file and asked me if I wanted to schedule that as well, so I did. Just because I was curious and love to see scans.

April 2nd, 2018 I had my scans done. During my MRI I was praying to God that he would either take away my pain, or give me a reason for it. I was so tired of being in pain and did not understand why God would want me to be in pain. I though three years is enough for a testimony so just take me out of this pain. And I prayed that if God did keep me in pain, that he would help give me ways to cope with the pain and deal with it, because it was slowly killing me.

The next day I asked to know the results and learned the radiologist found a cyst that was 1cm x .7cm x .6cm big by the pituitary gland. (It is the white dot on the center left of the photo)

I am now beginning this scary yet amazing journey of life trying to get healthy. I’m praising God for giving me an answer to this pain no matter how scary the journey may be. As I learn more about this cyst and what will entail from it, I will let you know.

If you are experiencing chronic pain, please don’t give up fighting. The doctor bills, month long waits for appointments, all the scans, people no believing you. IT’LL GET BETTER. IT’LL BE WORTH IT. Keep pushing your doctors because you know your body and you don’t have to feel that way forever.

I love you guys so much. Thank you for your prayers and endless support ❤️