Hey guys, we are less than 3 months till wedding day and now we are getting into the major decor planning part of our wedding. Since Christopher and his groomsmen are decorating the venue while I’m getting ready, I thought that I’d take pictures of what I liked with the decor so it would be easier for Christopher to decorate the day of the wedding. 😉

Right now all we have fully planned is our guest book table and our cards/gifts table! We got our guest book from a website called Artifact Uprising. SO CUTE. I absolutely loved how this book turned out and I’d recommend them highly because it is good quality but does not break the bank. We got a discount code when we bought it, so it made it even cheaper 😍


Signs: Hobby Lobby ($5)

Lantern: TJ Max ($14)

Vase/Decor: UNKNOWN


Mr & Mrs Sign: Target dollar section! ($1)

Honeymoon Fund Box: Hobby Lobby ($9)

Signs: Hobby Lobby ($5)

Vase/Decor: UNKNOWN

We have vases that were kindly given to us by a family friend who had a wedding before us. So we will those vases filled with decorations inside them on the table along with some other items that we haven’t decided on yet.

We have ideas for decor around the venue such as having our past texts to each other in the vine walkway at the entrance of the venue. We also have other frames we will stick in that vine walkway and we will place photos of us in there.

Photo Frame: HomeGoods ($10)

During the ceremony we will be doing unity sand. This is where you pour two different color sands into a vase or bottle and it signifies two coming together. This is only poured once and cannot be done the same way again. Christopher and I loved this idea so we picked our color of sand (his is teal/blue and mine is white). And we will be doing this during our ceremony. We also got the cutest ring box ever!! (Thanks Hobby Lobby, ($6))

Bottles: Craft Warehouse ($2.99)

Sand: Michael’s ($4.99)

Christopher and I thought we would have a table to ourselves so if people wanted to come over to us and talk to us, they could. So for our table we have decor for that. We will have lights, a wooden sign, etc. We also got this cute sign to go up somewhere, we haven’t decided yet. But we will have it in our home after the wedding! We bought it off of CharlieChalkDesign ($30) and I love it! I met the owner at a bridal expo and I loved her passion for her business and how she cared about me and what I wanted. She also did not charge a ton for these signs unlike some people do.

I picked out my shoes for the wedding day. I wanted something with a heel since I’m 5’5 and my fiancé is 6’2. I made Christopher come with me because I didn’t want him to feel like I was too tall, and be comfortable with my shoe height. One thing I really wanted in a shoe was a thick heel because I suck walking in heels and I need the extra support 😂. Also girl, these shoes have Velcro backs, so I can tighten them as much as I want and I feel so comfortable in them on my big day. They are also sparkly so it gives me the princess feel like I would like to have in my wedding day, but they are not covered in diamonds or anything so for me, I could see myself wearing these another time. (I bought these are DSW ($35))

Now we have to get very picky and specific with decorations that we need and pick them up. If you guys have any ideas on cheap wedding decor or anything like that, do leave comments!!

Crazy I get to marry the love of my life in less than 3 months and I could not be more excited. I hope you all are enjoying these wedding posts, because I love writing them! Please leave comments of things you’d like me to blog about or questions you have, I love interacting with you all. Have an amazing week.