If you have ever been wanting the first letter of your first name in a floral letter? Or maybe you are getting married and you want your first letter of your name & your fiancé’s first letter of his name in floral. Girl, I gotchu.

To help raise money for my wedding I started an Etsy shop online! I make floral letters with paper mache and fake flowers that look real. This is such a fun process for me and everyone I have made them for currently as loved them! They can be small, medium or big. And all colors can be picked by you! Just tell me the letters, sizes, and colors and I can make the magic happen. These are all handmade and will help a couple with their wedding.

Please check out my Etsy shop (AckermanStopShop), maybe buy one while you are there or just share and let your friends now and help a girl out!

I love you all, talk to you Sunday!