Sorry, this blog post is all words no pictures.

GOSH, these day late posts, I suck, I’m sorry. But this is some amazing news. I’ve already announced this on my social media, so if you want to be updated on my life, just go and follow me on Insta @caitlyncarroll_

Disclaimer, I’m not much of a show-off, but I’m so proud of myself, so let the bragging begin.


If I was to be like everyone else in my graduation class in high school, I wouldn’t graduate until May 2019. But because of doing AP classes, and taking on a lot of college classes I am able to graduate a semester early from college!

For me, this is huge. If I was to follow in my family’s footsteps I would have stopped college at one or two years (my mom actually just got her degree, woohoo mom). But for me, it makes me so happy to know I accomplished something huge. I am able to say I did it, and faster than I thought. I also will be graduating with honors which is another cool thing I can say. So this year I will get married and be a college graduate and be working full-time which is something I’ve always dreamed of!

It has been a hard three years but I can’t really complain since it is almost over. And actually I will be doing a summer semester, and I know most people think that is gross, but this will make it so I only have to take at max, 2 classes in the fall! So woohoo. My official degree will be a bachelors of Science in Psychology. I will then be taking a year to just work. One thing, work. And during that year I will decide if graduate school is right for me.

I can’t wait to see where life takes me after getting my degree, but I just wanted to share my news with you all. I will hopefully not be late this next Sunday on the blog! Also, please comment if you’d like to me to blog about certain stuff! I love getting feedback from you all!

Have an amazing week everyone! 💕