I swear there is something in the air this semester that is making me lose my mind. Maybe it’s the fact I’m taking an 8am class, or just that I’m only a year away from graduation, but man is my mind all over the place. I’ve always been one to enjoy college and feel like I’ve been doing alright but not this semester. About a week into this semester I’ve just been dreading going to class. Not because I do not like the classes, just because I’m just losing my drive for school.

15 years I’ve spent going to school. That is 3/4 of my life I’ve always been in school. It just gets harder and harder each year with the content, workload, etc. I think it is all hitting me now. There is all this talk about if I want to go to graduate school and get my masters or doctorate. All this pressure from professors to talk to the career center and learn about internships and programs we can go into.


I feel like sometimes I’m still in high school, feeling the pressures of what college to go to, or what to major in. But no I’m 4 months from getting married. I have two fur babies. I’m about to graduate college. But I just want to stop and just breathe, you know? I feel like everyday I just go go go and I just want to take a break, run away and not talk to anyone or do anything.

After I graduate next year I will be taking at least a year off of school. No graduate school, no nothing. I just want to be free and work for a year. My life right now is sleep, wake up, eat, school, work, home, take care of dogs, have an ish-social life, homework, then back to sleep. I just want to take that 6ish hours I go to school and just work and then have the rest of the day to do stuff! Most times I have to turn down friends to do stuff because I have homework, or to be honest, I’m just exhausted and don’t want to move. I just want to be able to explore, take photos, play with my puppies and work. Not have so many responsibilities and just get lost in them.

My advice to all you younger generation people. Take a gap year or do running start. Do not go to school for a straight 16 years and then go on to your graduate degree or else you will lose your mind. And if you are able to go to school for 16 years and go get your masters and doctorate and be fine and have a life, work and not die, then I give you major props because I’m dying at 15 years of schooling 😂

Sorry for my college rant but seriously all of this going going going is starting to take a toll on me mentally. I mean I know I have a lot going on in my life right now, but man am I feeling the stresses of life so hard.

Keep me in your prayers and let’s see if I can finish my bachelors degree 😂😂🤞🏼

Love you all, have a great week.