(Charlotte at 4 months old)

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I think this has always been a question that has been asked to me A TON and I decided to share my love for pugs in a blog post. I will explain why I love pugs but I do get that some people do not care for pugs or like them, but please be respectful. One thing that makes me upset is the fact that people tear down others opinions even though they do not have to. Yes, America, freedom of speech. But also, common courtesy. So if you are going to be rude and make fun of my favorite dog breed, please do not click on my blog anymore.

Now onto my love, pugs.

Pugs are seriously one of the best dog breeds ever. They have such a personality and they are so spunky. (Depending on the pug 😂) I’m just going to list off a couple reasons why pugs are so wonderful in my eyes.

1. They take on their owners personality and adapt to them. My sisters pug was everything she ever needed, while Charlotte is completely different but everything I need. Charlotte is active, a cuddler, a kisser, and so much more. And this is exactly what I needed in a dog. I needed a dog that would cuddle me and kiss me when I’m anxious. I needed a dog who would force me to be active but also love a day inside. Anyone that I have talked to that has a pug talks about how perfect their pug is for them. I swear my grandpa and his pug were the same. They sat the same way, looked the same, ate the same 😂

2. Pugs have curly tails. I know that other dogs have curly tails but pugs tails are so distinct. One thing that is cool about Charlotte’s tail is that it goes board straight when she sleeps, but is up and curly when she is awake. Crazy but so cute. It’s a donut/cinnamon roll and I will never get sick of it.

3. Yes they are noisy, but seriously, once you live with a pug and sadly they pass away, you miss those noises. It’s a different world without a pug being there. I am blessed with Charlotte because she really is not that loud. Not as loud as our last pug, Ash. Charlotte still snorts, grunts, barks, sneezes and does everything thing the same as a normal pug, just a little softer 😂

4. That face. I mean that says it all for me. A squishy pug face is one of the most comforting things ever. Yes you have to clean their wrinkles because they get nasty, but that little face is just stinking cute. (This is all my opinion.)

5. They are the most sensitive dog ever. Literally all they want to do is just love. Same with other dogs but pugs are sooooo stinking loyal it is crazy. Charlotte literally loves me so much and is my best friend.

6. Rollie Pollie. These dogs are fatty barrels and this is a very good thing. Our last pug Ash had tons of rolls and most people would be oh, your dog is fat, she should lose weight. Her rolls saved her life. She was attacked by a Great Dane and was picked up and shaken by her scruff. Her scruff saved her life she only came away with a couple bite marks. These fatty rolls serve a purpose.

7. Their coats. There are multiple coats to a pug.






And my favorite Brindle

Fawn and black are most common but there are tons of other pugs that are special and unique (like my pug Charlotte)

Buzzfeed gives 41 ways why pugs are just so majestic and amazing, so check that out if you want more reasons why pugs are amazing.

https://www.buzzfeed.com/mattbellassai/reasons-why-pugs-are-the-most-majestic-creatures-on-earth?utm_term=.sjD7rnY7k#.sjD7rnY7k Pugs are so wonderful and will always be my most favorite dog breed out there. Leave me a comment on what your favorite dog breed is and why. I’d love to see all the dogs breeds others love.

Love you guys, have a fabulous week!! 💕🐶

Here are some recent photos of my fur baby Charlotte.