I decided that this blog post would be dedicated to all of the things that I loved in the year 2017 or fell in love with in 2017. I hope you all enjoy the post and hopefully find some things that you would like to try!!


The Furminator.

If you have a dog that sheds, you need the furminator. I have a pug as most of you know and she is a bad shedder. This brush has a blade on it which helps get that extra layer of fur off. Whenever I brush Charlotte I get a puppy size ball of fur off of her and I am so grateful!

The Firehose Toy.

This toy is the best because it is so durable. I’ve had it since I got Charlotte a year ago and both her and our new puppy Callie LOVE IT! And only the corners have been slightly messed with! But the toy is still going strong!

Nutro Dog Food.

Charlotte had some bad problems with her tummy when she was a puppy and once I switched her to Nutro Limited Diet Lamb and Rice. This food is so good for her and very healthy. Also we have gotten compliments on her coat being so shiny and that is all thanks to the food!! Charlotte’s vet has also commented on how good the food is so I did something right! 😂

These bones from Walmart.

I got the cream on when I first got Charlotte and she loved it. Callie has also found a love for the bone so I had to get another one so the dogs wouldn’t fight over the bone. And yes, they will fight over it. If we are just chilling on the couch watching Netflix, the dogs will just chew on these bones and it will keep them occupied! They are also pretty inexpensive! I think they were maybe 5 bucks.

Banfield Pet Hospital.

I signed Charlotte and Callie up for their program where you pay 34.95 a month for 12 months and it covers so much. They pay for all their shots, de-wormers, their spay, and each visit we have. Such a good program. Because if you do the math, 34.95*12= 419.40 which is the cost of a normal spay! You can also cancel the program after the 12 months is up. But it’s nice for me when I had Charlotte because she has tummy problems and she got a bacterial infection when she was 4 months old. Callie has had a parasite in her, a bladder infection all in the month we have had her. All we paid for was the medications for each dog and the tests. Not the vet visit or any other fees. It’s wonderful, so if you have a puppy or are going to get one, look into the program because I swear it is worth your money! Also they have an amazing app where you can look at all the test they have run on your animals and you can look at all the past visits, how much they weighed, etc.


Simple Facial Care

I have super super sensitive skin and I break out with basically everything but than the lord I tried Simple. Their products help keep my skin fresh and moisturized. I also have super dry skin so their 24/7 mask helps keep my skin super hydrated. Anything but their mirceller water stuff. I hate those products. I rashed out so much with those products.

Too Faced Hangover Primer/Benefit Pore-fessional

Most make up artists swear by this primer and I would totally agree. This is great for dry skin and to help have your foundation last all day! I also use the Benefit Pore-fessional primer for my nose area since I have bigger pores there so this helps fill those in so your foundation looks smoother.

Garnier Hair Repairing Mask

My hair has been a problem this past year with dryness. This mask I use every other shower and it helps so much. I definitely use way more than I should but it helps my hair from breaking and being super dry! I put it on after shampooing and then do the rest of my shower routine with it in my hair so it can sit on my scalp for a good 10 minutes. Very good find of 2017!

Benefit Gimme Brow

My eyebrows are a handful and this product helps fill them and keep them in place all day! It is a brush with pigment in it so it does not take too much time at all to do your eyebrows. Love it.


Home goods

If you know me at all, I fricken love home goods. I have found so many great things from there for decorating my apartment when I moved out last May. If you are looking for things to help lighten up your apartment, room, house or anything, go to home goods and look around. They are not too expensive, much cheaper than target, but just as good of stuff as target!


You need a good fuzzy blanket to make your home the best. Also I’m super cold all the time so it is nice to have blankets at the ready! I get all my blankets from Walmart because they are cheap and they have a good variety. But they have to be a certain kind of soft..


LULU’s is the bomb.

Such good food, and is the perfect place for a cute date night but not too expensive!


HopJacks is a good cheaper option that LULU’s but has AMAZING ranch. They also have good burgers!

The Original Pancake House.

If you like good breakfast food, go here. It is amazing! They only cook with fresh ingredients and everything is from scratch, even their whip cream!! And for you meat lovers, their bacon is AWESOME.

Those are just some of the items I loved in 2017. 2018 will bring tons of new things to my attention. If you guys ha e favorites of 2017 please share them in the comments! I’m always looking for new things to try or experience!! (: Have an amazing week guys!