I just really wanted to write a post to all of my past middle schoolers that I used to be a leader for. Let’s give some of you some background to those that do know me very well.

I used to be a middle school leader when I was a junior in high school to my first year in college. I worked with two main groups of girls, one year I was with 6th graders and then the next year I went with another group of 6th graders and stayed their leader until I left. There is the background. Onto my message to my middle school girls/boys.

Girls, I just wanted to talk to you all and say how proud I am of you. Boys this goes for some of you as well. I see how good all of you are doing in life and I could not be happier for you. It was such an honor to be your leader for a short time in your life and hopefully make a difference in it. I also really wanted to let you girls/boys know that you made a difference in my life as well. I always looked forward to seeing you girls and just being with you. You all make me wish I had a younger sister or brother! You all brought me closer to Christ. Even though I was supposed to help you in your faith, you guys helped me in mine. I can’t thank you enough for feeling comfortable enough to share your stories and testimonies with me. It means a lot know that you trusted me enough to share deep and personal things with me.

I hope you know it was one of the hardest things to leave the ministry but I knew God was calling me away. I loved our small groups and you guys always asking me what the special question was that day. I loved all our inside jokes that we had from our group meetings. You girls really were a light to my life. You helped me learn a ton about myself through you.

My main reason for becoming a middle school leader was to change the middle school ministry. When I was a middle schooler there, my leaders didn’t really care about me and they really did not teach me much. I wanted it to be different for the girls I was a leader for. I wanted them to know they were special, loved, appreciated, amazing, and so much more than the world tells you. I wanted to push you all close to Christ. I wanted you all to feel comfortable and not like you were alone in the group. Girls, I hope I did that. I hope you know how different you all are, but how much of a good thing that is. I hope you know that there is so much in this world for you and that you have so much to offer it. Girls, you changed my life. You changed my faith. And you changed the way I look at others.

Thank you. I pray for you all daily and I can’t wait to see where life takes you all. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life, even just for a little bit. I love you all. 💕< strong>