As requested on my Instagram Story, I am posting this blog a day early! So enjoy.

Happy soon to be 2018! I can’t believe how fast 2017 went by. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating the end of 2016! But now we are going into another new year with a whole other 365 days to make changes and experience new things. I just wanted to overview my past year with you and my plans for the new year!!

2017 was full of so many amazing things.

In February I got one of the best things in my life. My puggy girl Charlotte!! She has been such a blessing in my life and I can’t wait to see what more adventures we get to go on.

In March I had my second sinus surgery. Sadly I still have headaches but they did fix my sinuses and corrected some mistakes the other surgeon missed in the first surgery.

In April I celebrated two years with my boyfriend.

In May I finished up my second year in college and officially made it halfway through my degree! I also moved out of my parents home into my very own apartment! I have never felt more like an adult then I did then. Sadly in May as well, my Granny passed away. She was an amazing woman and will always be in my heart. I am so grateful for all the memories I have with her.

In June I got to visit my father in Alabama and go have some fun at Orange Beach! I also bought my car Henry and boy was it a step up from my other cars. I also became an auntie to a sweet baby boy named Rhaegar!

In July I got to celebrate my 20th birthday and realize that I was not a teenager anymore but now got 10 years to make my 20’s count!

In August I got to celebrate my boyfriends 20th birthday and then start my third year of college!

In September we sadly had to put down our Chiweenie, Cheyenne due to heart failure.

In October I got engaged to the love of my life and man was it amazing. We also celebrated 2 1/2 years of being together.

In December we got another member of our family, Callie and boy is she a spunk. I can’t wait to have our family grow together and have many adventures with our puppies. We also celebrated Charlotte’s 1st birthday!

In 2018 there will be so many things to look forward to! I will be only a semester away from graduating. I will marry the love of my life! I will also be turning 21! If you would like to follow me along in this new year do click the follow button on the bottom of this page and sign up to get notifications for new blog posts that come out! I try to post every Sunday!! I love you all so much and I am so grateful for this past year and the new year to come!

Happy New Year all!