Sooooo, I am sorry that there was no blog Sunday, but Christopher and I did something spontaneous…. We got another dog. Yes, before you ask, we did think it through, but we did overall decide to get her.

Callie is a 10-week-old Australian Shepard. Fun fact—Australian Shepherds were actually originally bred and used as herding dogs in the United States to help cattle ranchers. She is super spunky and full of life! The girl can bite though. Australian shepherds are used for herding, so she does nip quite a bit, but those puppy teeth make it so much worse. There are many different patterns and colors common to Australian Shepherds, and Callie has what is known as a tri-color pattern, meaning she is black, brown, and white.

Callie is a good sleeper too! She really enjoys her kennel (most of the time), and she has only woken up a couple times throughout the night whereas Charlotte would wake up every 2 hours. Charlotte and Callie are both very good puppies and very well behaved but they both have little tweaks about themselves. Charlotte was bad at potty training, and Callie is a bad biter.

Charlotte and Callie get along great, which is a big relief! They play very well together and Charlotte is very patient with Callie. They do fight over toys and it is hilarious when they are playing tug-of-war. Callie knows three different tricks, sit, down, and up. Christopher wants to eventually teach her lots of different tricks since Aussies were bred to be smart and good at following directions—hopefully Callie lives up to her breed’s reputation.

Now time for the pictures! Talk to you guys next week!! (: