Uh ladies, this one is for you. I mean guys, if you want to read that is totally okay. But let’s get deep into wedding stuff, dresses. To me, this was the step that I knew would make it real that I was getting married. Boy was I right. I loved this experience and this step in the wedding planning process, it was fun being all dressed up and being surrounded by love ones as I search for the perfect dress for my day. Here is some advice that I would say when going dress shopping.

1. Research where you want to go.

I had always wanted to go to David’s Bridal because that is what I’ve seen all over the place. But do not be against looking at little boutiques or shops, you can always find great deal or find the style of dress you would like.

2. Do not be afraid to look at dresses yourself.

I strongly suggest looking at dresses on Pinterest or Google! There are tons of different styles, colors, fabrics. It can be so overwhelming when you go into a store for the first time and they put you in tons of dresses and waste 90 minutes of your time. It is nice to have an idea of what you want before you even step foot into the store.

3. Do not feel pressured

If you do not like a dress, say it. It is your big day and you do not have to settle for a dress that you are not 100% comfortable in. Also, only bring people that will support you in your decision. Do not bring someone to your appointment that will push their opinion so hard that you can’t even hear your own.

4. Wear nude underwear!

I totally made the mistake of wearing black underwear…just don’t do it.

5. Doll yourself up

Put on some makeup, fix your hair, make sure you feel beautiful before you head to your appointment. I totally forgot about my appointment and my hair was greasy, I had no makeup on. I just felt gross, and I just felt gross in all of the dresses. But the second time I tried on dresses, I had my hair done, make up on and I just felt so awesome when I was trying on dresses. It was a much better experience the second time.

6. Stick with your budget

DO NOT TRY ON A DRESS THAT IS OVER BUDGET. It will just ruin it for you because it will be perfect, just way too expensive. Save yourself the trouble and just stay in budget.

All in all, wedding dress shopping was all I had hoped it to be and more. I went to Amy’s Bridal and was helped out by a wonderful lady named Tammy who made me laugh so much and helped me find my perfect dress. I cannot wait to show you all my dress and I cannot wait to marry the love of my life in it. Another wedding planning box can be checked. Wedding dress

Have an amazing week guys, I hope all is well in your lives.