Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since my last post but as you know I am engaged and man wedding planning is crazy. I can say happily that we have our main things involving planning done! Venue, photographer, videographer and honeymoon!!

Now for the super fun part, decorating! Our venue is very natural and green. So Pinterest has been my best friend for decorating. I have an idea of items that I want to get for the wedding, so I am slowly collecting little things here and there. Hobby Lobby was having an amazing sale so I got a ton of things from there.

Everything was under 10 dollars which is AMAZING. And these are all just things I will place around the venue when our wedding comes! I also had a peak at Target after they put all Halloween stuff on clearance and I got these cute glittery candles for a possible decoration as well but I am unsure if I will use them or not.

The first thing I decided to buy was a hanger for my dress that has my soon to be last name! Thank you Etsy. I honestly love this hanger, it is my favorite thing I have gotten so far. It is simple, but such a big deal to me. Soon my last name will change and this helped make that real for me. I am actually trying on wedding dresses today and man can I tell you that I am crazy excited! I feel like this is such a huge step and will probably make me fully realize that I will be getting married in 8 short months. Wearing a fancy white dress, while feeling like a princess. If only I was on Say Yes to the Dress and having the people at Kleinfield take care of me and help me find my dream dress 😂 But I am not going to fly all the way out to New York to have that done, so David’s Bridal will do.< strong>For my save the dates I decided that I would get us a seal and wax because I know Christopher loves that kind of stuff! So I went to Michael’s and did they come through! I got the sealer and wax and they have such a great wedding section if you wanted somewhere to go look for wedding decor and items! They were not too expensive and they also normally have coupons! The lady gave me a 40% off coupon and it made everything come to about 7 bucks! Quick note, sealing letters is harder than it looks! As you can tell. I got better with the more letters I did, but man I didn’t think it would be that hard! But look how pretty that A is 😍

If you want to find ideas for decor or wedding stuff, create a Pinterest board! It helps so much to see what other people have done and also you can pick and choose from all the pictures you see. Another app that I have been using to get ideas is Etsy. Etsy is awesome because the things you get are handmade and the people on there are really really helpful! I had a stamp made for Christopher and I so we do not have to write our address over and over again and I got that off of Etsy and it is gorgeous. This is what it looks like but I just cut off our address! Like my goodness this thing is so pretty. I got my save the dates from Walgreens and most people would get them from Shutterfly or another website like that, but I found Walgreens to be very reliable and cheap! They always have photo coupons and they let you edit your card how you want. They let me put things on the backside of the card for no extra cost. So I was able to add two extra photos and our registry onto the back of our card. I love Walgreens and would highly recommend them for good cheap save the dates, invites and thank you cards for your wedding! Since my wedding is pretty far away, I have not gotten too crazy in my decorations. But slowly I will collect more things and I will write another post once we get closer to our wedding date. I am so excited to experience this new chapter in my life! Thank you guys so much for actually reading these posts and enjoying them, I highly enjoy writing them! I hope you all have a great week and a very happy Thanksgiving!