October 22nd, I was pleasantly surprised by my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years getting down on his knee and asking me to become his wife. It was honestly one of the most surreal moments in my life. 
Christopher and I have talked about marriage ever since we started dating! On about our 4th date, we were leaving a park where we loved to walk and I asked him when he wanted to get married. (He later told me that he was pretty freaked out by me asking that). His answer, keep in mind that we were 17, was “in 10 years I would probably want to get married”. And for me, I have always known that I wanted to get married at a young age. I wanted to be able to grow with that person, experience these adult milestones with them. So I definitely did not want to wait 10 years to get married. 

But time soon went by and Christopher and I grew more in love with each other and his timeline for getting married slowly got shorter and shorter. 5-6 years. 3-4 years. Then to 1-2 years. And now we are waiting 8 months until we will get married. 

How did he propose you ask? Did I know? What does the ring look like? I shall answer all these questions you are dying to know. 

Well it was October 22nd, 2017. Christopher kind of spilt the beans that he bought the ring and asked my parents permission to ask me to marry him. (They said yes). But I did not for sure know when he would propose. Well with Christopher and I, if we go out to a meal, we only do lunch or dinner, never both. But that day we went to lunch and then he asked me if we could go to dinner. He was talking up this restaurant called Nikkos by where he used to live so we went there for dinner. It was this really cute place, it had a flower wall and the people were so sweet. Christopher got sushi and I got chicken teriyaki. We talked the whole dinner, reminiscing on old memories and just having a good time together. To be honest, I love dinner dates. You get to sit across from the person you love and eat! Two perfect things! 

Well after dinner Christopher asks “you want to go to the Columbia river?” Of course I was down for going! (I officially knew he was going to ask me at this point.) So we head over there to the spot where we had our prom-promise (we never went to prom so we compromised a date). Well there was this pretty creepy car that was watching us, so we never got out and then we just left. Christopher then said “just pretend that we just had a cute walk down by the river”
Then he took me to this look out point of the town we live in and we got a blanket and walked to this look out point. We wanted to see the meteor shower but sadly it was cloudy. But anywho, that didn’t stop us. We were talking about our past two and a half years together and talking about our favorite memories and then Christopher asks me to dance. So we danced, cuddled in a blanket. Then Christopher was like “ugh I don’t know how to do this, I want to ask you something”. So I took off the blanket and set it on a bench then grabbed his hands, kind of forcing him to ask me. This was kind of like our first kiss where I had to kiss him. But then he starts talking to me and says “Caitlyn, I hope you know how much I love you. I mean, why do you think I look at you when I hate looking at people?” (That’s kind of how he asked me out). “But in all seriousness, I hope you know that I will always try my best to make you the happiest girl in the world. I don’t know how to do this! I’m so nervous. Will you be Caitlyn Michelle Ackerman?” Tears streaming down my face I said yes and hugged and kissed the crap out of him. I just could not believe it was happening then and now. Anyone can tell you that I had been waiting for him to propose, so I was just so happy! 

We told our family and close friends and then told social media, and now I’m letting the blog know all the details! (; On the way back, Christopher said “do you want me to drive you straight to David’s Bridal?” But to be honest I have gone crazy hard into wedding planning and it hasn’t been that long since we got engaged!! I’m just so excited to be marrying my best friend in this whole world! 

Thank you all who have supported & uplifted us as a couple. We really appreciate you all. I shall soon be changing my last name and I couldn’t be happier! Stay tuned for wedding idea blogposts and in 8 short months, the wedding blog! 
Love you all. Have an amazing week!!