I had the pleasure of getting to take the photos of one of my really good friends Katie and her 8 month old Yellow Lab puppy, Noel. 

I have known Katie for years and man she is the sweetest person ever. Her heart is so golden (just like her dog). And she has such a passion for Jesus. I always say that I inspire to be like Katie. She has a Jesus bubble around her and I wish I could have one of those. But man I love her. She is such a hard worker and is actually now a certified nurse! If anyone should be a nurse, it is Katie. Like I said, she has such a sweet heart and is a perfect person to help tend to others!! Katie is an amazing singer, musician, photographer and she does many many more things! A girl of many talents that is for sure! I could talk to Katie for hours and hours, and we have done that many of times. Talking about boys, God, health, and many other things. Katie is such an amazing friend and I am so grateful to have her in my life!!

Like I said before, Noel is a Yellow Lab puppy and she is the most gorgeous golden color. She is also the sweetest little girl. Very energetic and excitable! You just call her name and boom, she is coming at you! She is such a smart girl, she knows sit, stay, shake, down, come, and then is started to learn pray/touch your nose. Noel loves it when Katie plays the piano. She will just sit and watch her play. But when “who let the dogs out?” Comes on, man she will bark at that! She knows it’s a song about dogs, so she must sing along. Noel is always smiling, and so laid back. She just loves anyone, or anything. Something really funny about Noel is that whenever she firsts wakes up for the day or just gets bathed, man just her zoomies come out! She just goes crazy!! All in all Noel is such a sweetie and was a joy to take pictures of. 
Dog and owner shoots are seriously my favorite because I love dogs. But also, I love the relationship between a dog and their owner. Each one is different but you can always see so much love between the two. So fun.
Hope you all enjoy these photos!! And if you would like to do a shoot with me, please comment below or personally message me!! (: