It is finally here, fall. Fall is my favorite season of the year because it includes everything good in life, tons of holidays, family, sweaters, boots, treats, flannels, warm baths, rain showers, cool breeze, etc. I feel like it went from summer to fall in the blink of an eye, but I am not complaining. It was warm 80s-90s weather on day, and then the next it is 60s. Breaking out my sweater collection! I was thinking about doing a fall look book where I will blog some fall outfits that I like so stay tuned for that probably next week! 
This week I wanted to talk about my place and how I have decided to decorate for the fall. Now having my own place, I can decorate it however I please. I decided that I would wait till fall to go crazy on decorations some fall is my favorite time of the year. So to the dollar store I went! There are somethings that the dollar store is great at, and that is fake flowers and entry signs! I also went to target for the rest of my lovely decorations because target is a girls best friend! 
One thing I wanted to do was make sure that all my decorations were very neutral. And by this I mean that I did not want to get things that only focused on Halloween. So I got basic fall colors and stayed away from the skulls, witches and so on. I did get some pumpkins though but only one was actually orange so to me, that is fine. I do this so then all these decorations can stay up past Halloween and go to thanksgiving! It helps save money and then you do not have to redecorate your place again. So enough about me talking, now I will show you some of the decorations I got and how I placed them in my home. 

This sections is my little target section! Gotta love that 1, 3, 5 dollar section.

Pumpkin: Target (3 dollars)

Light up sign: Target (10 dollars)

Home sign: Target (3 dollars)

Picture frame: Target (5 dollars)

Fujifilm Insta Camera 7: Was a gift

Fake Succulent: Target (3 dollars)

Flowers, Vase and Rocks: Dollar Store (1 dollar each)

Sequins, Leaves, and Wood Pumpkins: Target (1 dollar each)

Tray: Hobby Lobby (price unknown)

Jar: Target (5 dollars)

Lights: Fred Meyer (2 dollars) *battery powered*

Pumpkins: Target (1 dollar each)

Leaf Banner: Target (1 dollar)

Lights: Target (5 dollars) *battery operated*
I love interior design and I know this isn’t a usual blog post but I hope you enjoyed it! Seriously Targets dollar section is sooooo good! If you haven’t checked it out, do it! 

Welcome fall, I am very happy to have you! Have an amazing week guys.