We got you when I was 10 years old. It was a week before my birthday and my mom told me I was finally able to get a dog! I begged them since I was 8 years old when my sister got her first dog Ash. And I finally convinced them. 
My dad told me when we went to the pound that I had to get a medium sized male dog since we already had two girl dogs, one large and one small. So I went and looked at the big dogs, none caught my eye. Then I went to look at the puppies and small dogs, and that’s when I found a male chihuahua. I took him for a walk and then realized I might want him, but then there was like 4 other people that wanted him, so I went back to looking for a dog. Then I saw this three year old girl dragging this other chihuahua down back to the pin. I remember my mom pointing and saying “what about that one?” I then went to the little girl and her mom and asked if they were going to get that dog, and they said no. So I got this super tiny chiweenie. They estimated her age at about two years old, which was around how old our other dogs were. 

We then took her to the vet to get her updated on all her shots. The vet took one look at her and told my parents “you might want to see if you could get a refund, she will probably die in a week.” My parents were shocked, but we just gave her some more love.

As I grew up, my mom kept saying that this dog saved my life. My mom said they got me the dog to help show me God’s love. I always wanted to feel loved and my mom thought a dog would be great at showing me unconditional love since they are great at that. I got to learn so much about how God looks at us through my chiweenie Cheyenne. 

Cheyenne was such a different chihuahua than most. She was very cat-like. Always perching on the couch, really only played with cat toys. She was very calm and really didn’t bark much for a chihuahua. She was so smart and knew so many tricks. Some of my favorites were ‘raise the roof’ and ‘take a bow’. She loved wearing sweaters and shirts because it helped keep her warm! She had very little fat on her, so it helped to have stylish clothes.

When we got Charlotte, Cheyenne was a huge helper. She helped teach Charlotte what was okay to do, and what was bad. She played with Charlotte when I needed to sleep. Very much a motherly dog.

Cheyenne lived almost 12 healthy years and we sadly had to put her down due to heart failure. She was an amazing, cuddly, sweet and gorgeous chiweenie and will dearly be missed. Love you Buddabear.