I was able to do a photo shoot with my wonderful sister and her new puppy Rhaegar who she has had for a month now! He himself is almost 3 months old and is a ball of energy. He also has a kind and gentle soul (his puppy teeth say different). He is perfect for my sister. He is going to be a service dog for her and he at 3 months old, already does really well at that position! We will walk in stores and he will stay right by her and focus on her. He is quiet and will sit if she looks at something. He also ignores other people in the store which takes a lot of dogs tons of training to do, but he picks it up so well. He is an amazing dog and he is so so young. 20 pounds of per clumsy I must tell you. He needs to grow into his paws still, but one day he will be HUGE. But right now we are loving this clumsy stage. 
I love being an auntie to this sweet sweet boy. He is so much fun and is a great edition to our family. We love you Rhaegar.

Now here are some photos I took with this dynamic duo! 

Have a great everyone! I will see you next Sunday!!