Today I am 20, and in my 20 years of life, I have learned so much. It is crazy that I have been on this earth for a fifth of a century now. I’ve been through some very hard things since the beginning, but I have also experiences some of the best things in these 20 years. I thank God for every year, month, week, and day He has given me to help make a difference in this world. So in this blog post, I just wanted to share 20 things I have learned in my 20 years of life.


1. Don’t be serious all the time. It’s okay to be goofy, take a break, laugh. It helps make life exciting and helps you create fun memories.


2. It’s okay to be sad. It happens to all of us, it is just what you do with that sadness that affects your life. You can use it to better you, or just stay in the darkness and let it take you down.


3. Be different. Don’t be just like everyone else. God made you different for a reason. It’s so cool to know you are uniquely you, and no one else can be that but you.


4. Take risks. One motto I like “Don’t let your life be full of what if’s but instead, make it full of why nots.” Taking risks could change your life for the better.


5. Adventure. Go out into nature. Turn off your phone and go climb a tree, find a trail to walk down, see new animals, find new places to explore.


6. Forgive. Don’t hold grudges, they just harden your heart and make your life so much harder. You do not have to forget what happened to you, but know that if God can forgive you for all that you have done in your life, that should give you the ability to forgive anyone. (This picture has nothing to do with forgiveness, it was just cute.)


7. Don’t stress about the little things. Life will never be what you expect it to be. So be like water and just go with the flow. 

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8. Family is important. They will always be there for you, even when no one else is. Plus, sometimes your mom can end up as your best friend.

9. Puberty helps us all. And so does braces.


10. Love deeply. You never know what love can do to a person. Loving people for who they are is so important. Even if you don’t agree with choices someone makes, or things they do. You can always love the person. Love can change the world.


11. Talk to people. Get to know others, laugh, share stories, make friends. You can learn so much through other people. 


12. Get a dog. Dogs are one of the best things God has created and they can change your mood in seconds. Plus, they are cute, sweet, and loving.


13. Take pictures. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take your photo for you. Print them and have those memories to look back on and relive those moments.


14. Don’t listen to the labels. Just eat the cookie dough raw. It’s better anyway.


15. Like I said, everyone is unique and different. Therefore that makes you beautiful and handsome in your own way. Never doubt that. You are loved, and you are special.


16. Always stand for your beliefs and morals. Do not be afraid for believing what you believe even if you lose friends, family or anyone close to you. Be strong in what you believe. 


17.  Don’t let fear hold you back. I know first hand what fear can do to you, but when you don’t let fear make your choices for you, it is the most rewarding feeling.


18. Don’t cut your own hair. Just don’t.


19. Smile. A smile is the most beautiful thing on a person. It also can help bring joy to someone’s day and you don’t even know it.


20. Enjoy life. You only get one.


Life can always beat you up, but know it is worth it for those good moments you have. Stay strong and know you are loved. I know 20 years isn’t a lot to some people but to me it is and I just want to make sure my life counts for something. You should do the same. I love you guys. Have a great week!