Sorry for no blog post this Sunday guys, I was on my way back from an amazing trip to the South to visit my dad. That is what this blog post is about, my 4-day adventure!

My grandma, who I called Granny, passed away due to colon cancer. She was such a strong and amazing woman and I bought a ticket to come down and she her and my dad in Alabama. Sadly, I was too late to see her but I know that she would have loved to see me. I had the pleasure to speak to her the night before she passed and I feel extremely blessed to be able to let her know that I loved her. So, this trip I got to see my dad and have a fun trip with him.


At 4:00am May 31st, I had to force myself to wake up and get ready for a plane ride. Like I have said in previous blog posts, I hate flying. I had to gain the courage to take my first plane ride by myself. My lovely boyfriend Christopher was super sweet and woke up just as early to pick me up and drop me off at the airport.

So, I had one connection flight and that was in Salt Lake City, Utah and then I was in Atlanta Georgia. I was in the air for about 5 hours and had a very smooth flight there. It helped me that there was some great people that sat next to me on the flight over to Salt Lake, and I fell asleep on the flight to Atlanta. My dad picked me up in the airport and then we were on our way to Alabama. It was a two-hour drive to where my Granny’s house was and man do I love the drive. I can handle long car rides if there is green around me. There are so many trees on the way to Alabama from Georgia. It was just beautiful to me.

My first day down there we just decided to have a relaxed day and just look through old photos and just rest. We got some Chick-Fil-A and headed to the house to look at photos. It was so cool to see my Granny very young, and see my dad as a child because I was never able to see that growing up.


I was also able to go visit my Granny’s grave. There is actually a grave dedicated to that side of the family and they have people that lived during the civil war that were buried there.

We then went back to the house and I facetimed my mom and while I was doing that, a sweet little beagle puppy came up to me! It helped calm my puppy need since I did not bring Charlotte on this trip. My dad said that this dog belonged to the neighbors and decided to come over a couple times before, so we took the dog back home and I stayed out to watch the sunset.


I then got to see some fireflies and of course, Owl City popped into my head.


It was then the next day and we went to the Talledega race track. This is the home of NASCAR. Well one of the homes. Growing up we used to watch a lot of NASCAR. My sister’s favorite was Jeff Gordon number 24 and mine was Jimmy Johnson number 48.


It was so cool to see all these different race cars in this museum. They had a very old ones and new ones. Different shapes different sizes. They even had some that had crashed. The three that they had that crashed, the drivers that were inside them actually survived. To be honest it would look like no one could survive in any of those cars.



That shows the safety of the cars that they built since these people were able to come away from the accident. They also had a huge hall of fame for different race car drivers since racing began. We were able to drive onto the race car track, it was cool because my cousin actually has been in a film on that same race car track, Talledega Nights. The track was huge, I didn’t expect to be that big. They had a mile long stand for people to sit. And you don’t realize how steep a race car track is until you’re right next to it. Racers have to go a certain speed to be actually be able to get up on those parts the track.

Later that day we drove down to the Space Center and got to tour their facility and look at everything there. There was so much to look at but I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.


On the way back from the space center, we went to this AMAZING BBQ place. It was called Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ. They have actually been on The Food Network and had a whole wall that had ribbons and awards they have won. They also have made white BBQ sauce that they are known for. But the main thing that made this place the best for me, was the ribs. OH MY GOSH, they were amazing. I have never had such crisp yet tender ribs that had the right amount of sauce and they had a good amount of meat on them. But by far the best BBQ place ever.

The next day we decided that we were going to go five hours away and go to Orange Beach, Alabama. Take couple days relax on the beach, smell the salt water, feel the sand between your toes. Most people wouldn’t think that there’s beaches in Alabama or at least they wouldn’t think that they are nice. But anything on the Gulf of Mexico to me would be nice, warm water is really I look for. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and that was right on the beach, it was so beautiful.


It’s been over 15 years since I’ve seen the east coast. I was born in Newport News, Virginia and went to the beach all the time. I grew up by a warm beach so then when we moved to Washington the only ocean there is the Pacific Ocean which is freezing cold. It was so nice to be able to swim in the water and play in the sand.

One of the downsides was I got very burnt. But thankfully through my genetics I do not really peel I just tan in a couple days after I burn. I thought it would be a good idea to wash my face so now my face is peeling but the rest of my body is fine. We went to a couple souvenir shops down by the beach basically just relaxed the whole time. We ate at a great pizzeria place the first night we were there. It was called Rotolo’s Pizzeria. I got a bacon cheeseburger pizza and was it pretty good.

The next night we went to an amazing steakhouse. I would not say it was my favorite steak of all time, but it was on my top 5 list! It was a beautiful restaurant though and the waitress was very lovely.IMG_6941


Then here we were again, I had to go back on a plane and fly for five hours to go back home.

I was pretty excited to come home because I had a beautiful puppy to come home to. The flights back were great and I had the honor of eating in the Seattle Airport and got to use the new machines at their McDonalds where you can order for yourself and yes, it is simple, but for me, it was so awesome.


Overall, I had amazing time in Alabama and can’t wait to go back.


Love you guys, have an amazing rest of your week.