Charlotte is almost 6 months old so I just wanted to write an update blog post about her. Charlotte is 12 pounds full of energy. Since we moved out to our own place she has been more calm than usual. That could also be because of her age and that she’s growing up but still nonetheless she sleeps more. She loves all her toys. I’ve never met a dog that equally loves their toys. She doesn’t have a favorite but recently she has been playing fetch with her mini tennis ball which is one of the cutest things. 

Charlotte still knows sit, down, paw and roll over. She has learned stay and I started teaching her come but to clicker since she does not come when called. The clicker actually works really well for her. It only took a day of learning and she was able to come when I would click it at the dog park. Since we have a new place, I have needed to figure out how I would keep up with potty training Charlotte. I wanted to figure out a way for her to be able to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night if she needed to, but I did not want to have to take her downstairs since we are in an apartment. So I came up with the best idea. I put a little patch of grass out on my patio and she uses it just like if she was in a backyard of our old place. Best project I’ve done in my new apartment so far.


One thing that we’ve been struggling with is that Charlotte gets anxious when I leave. I’ve tried putting her into the bathroom so if she poops or pees it’s okay and easy to clean up. But she gets so upset and claws the door. My boyfriend and I went on a little trip for about 3-4 hours and kept her in there with food and water, thinking she would be okay. Well we come back to the place and she clawed the door so much that she actually tore up one of her pads and there was blood on the door. (Poor baby). Then I tried getting baby gates and putting her inside the kitchen which is has the same flooring as the bathroom but she got out. So I’m just trying to figure out the best way to contain her but still give her space to walk until she’s able to hold her bladder well. When I took her to the vet I told them that she was anxious about me leaving and they told me to give her Benadryl to help calm her down. So this week when I go to Alabama we’re going to try it and see if that helps her to calm down. Hopefully she then learns that if I leave I will come back. If you guys have any tricks for anxious dogs do comment them because I would like to not medicate my dog for the rest of her life because she’s six months old and that’s a long time to be medicated.  

There have been somethings that I really have been loving for Charlotte. The number one thing is that I have been taking her to the local dog park. This has been so good for her. Charlotte has gotten along so well with so many dogs and it is the best thing to watch her interact with them. She also gets to meet a lot of people and tons of people know her name! She has some best friends at the park too that we hang out with! But not only does she get to socialize, but she also gets so much energy out! We stay at the park for HOURS! And when we come back home, she is out. It is great for both of us! Another thing I have been loving is this pet brush I got from Petco. It’s rubber so the bristles move better and collect a lot more for than a wire brush. At least for Charlotte. I also feel like it is better on her skin since her fur is really close to her skin I feel like I am scraping her with a wire brush. Next item that we have been loving is these deodorant wipes. They have really helped when she can’t have a bath but still smells. You just grab one wipe and rub her with it and boom, smells like she just had a bath! It also helps with keeping her skin moist and not get flaky.


Now that we have updated you on this puppy here are updated photos of Charlotte because that is the real reason you are reading this blog.