Last week was the first week of being an adult. I officially moved out of my family home and into my own apartment. Charlotte and I moved out last Thursday and have just now officially settled into our new place. Everything that was in boxes is unpacked, everything that needed to be built has been built and I have officially washed my own dishes. It is a very rewarding and satisfying thing moving out on your own. Most people think it gets lonely but with a five month old pug nothing is lonely.

The first night I stayed at my apartment there was a massive thunderstorm in my town, it was the first of the year. The second night I stayed at my apartment the smoke alarm went off in the whole complex that I was staying in. The apartment adjacent from me was cooking for Cinco de Mayo and was not paying attention to their food so grease boiled over on the stove and it caught on fire. We have sprinklers inside our apartments so the water from the sprinklers caused the fire to get out of control since it was a grease fire. And that’s what caused all of our smoke alarms to go off even though our apartments weren’t affected. During this time I was able to meet my neighbor and her son. Both very sweet people who offered me to come over and steal some movies while I was waiting for my Internet to be installed. My first week involved watching tons of movies since I didn’t have Netflix, cable or anything else I could watch. 

But now I am officially a bill payer. I have to pay electric, cable and I have to pay my rent and it is so cool. I know that most people dread to pay the bills but for me it is the cool part of adulting. Later in life I will regret having said that but for now I’m ok with it. Man is it fun being in this new stage of life! I will give you a little picture tour of some of my favorite parts of my place because I am very proud of my decorating skills (;




(That is Charlotte’s little yard for when it’s late out and I do not want to take her downstairs.)

Thank you for being patient with me as I have been preparing to move, healing from surgery and just dealing with life in general. I plan to get back into my blogs now that I’m settled and for me it is summertime, so that means more free time. So enjoy the Sunday blogs again.