Sorry for the past weeks of no blogs! I have been hit with the busyness bug and I have also been recovering from surgery at the beginning of the month, and man has it been hard to get back into a normal sleep pattern. Thank God I did the surgery on my spring break instead of on a weekend or something. I will be writing a blog about the surgery and my healing process that will be going up Sunday so if you want to read that, keep your eyes peeled for that! Now onto the blog.


I have my last round of exams before finals and I was just thinking about the ways that I relax. I have an anxious spirit and I know that a lot of people struggle with anxiety. So these are just some ways on how I relax when I have had a long day or just need to calm myself.


-Go on a walk


Just getting out and breathing in fresh air can make a huge difference in your day. Getting Vitamin D on your skin and being able to just get some light exercise can do wonders.


-Take a bath


It honestly frees your mind and relaxes your body. If you use Epson salt it can also help release tension in your muscles. Just do expect to be a prune when you get out.


-Watch a TV show/movie

Even if it’s an action show, just something to take your mind off of the things that are making you stressed can help calm you down. I love watching shows that keep my attention and challenge my mind (Totally The Office (; ).


-Eat some good home-cooked food

Make yourself a nice meal and enjoy it either by yourself or with your family or friends. It’s nice to have company and chat with others. And it is also a great thing to have a stomach full of great food.


-Take a nap


Just resting your eyes for 30-60 minutes can help clear your thoughts and help you wake up energized and refreshed.


-Listen to your favorite music

I think one thing that helps me zone out and fill my mind with more hopeful and happy thoughts, is listening to a Christian station on Pandora and just mindlessly listen to the music. It always helps put me in a better mood and can help motivate me.  (My favorite Pandora Station is Hillsong Young & Free if you are curious!)


-Play with your pet


If you have an animal, play with them or cuddle them. I know when I’m stressed, just looking at my puppy helps bring my anxiety down automatically. Her cuteness overrides my brain.


There are just 7 facts that help get me to relax a little bit more if I am having a tough day! I hope that if some of you are having a tense week, you can use some of these tips to help you relax!


I hope you all have a great rest of your week!


1 Peter 5:7

“Cast all your anxieties on Him, for He cares for you.”