When I talk about dreams, I’m talking about those things that you want in life. The things you have to strive for and work hard to get. Dreams that you might not get in your lifetime but you wish you could have. 

Dreams are great at pushing you to be a better person. Whether that be saving your money for that one thing you wanted for a long time, or dreaming of being someone’s role model, etc. Dreams are the best thing to spend your time thinking about when you have nothing to do. Day dreaming in class about the trips you want to take when you are older, the life you want to have. Dreams are just so good and helping you figure out what you truly want in life and helps you decide how hard you want to work for them. They help define your character and shape you.

I challenge you all to make a list of your dreams and keep it somewhere you can see it each day. Push toward your dreams and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. 
Here is my list if you want an example:

To get a Toyota Corolla 

Be able to travel to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Africa, etc.

Start my own family

Finish my Bachelors Degree and go to Grad school 

Not be in pain

Get in shape

Build my own house

Have a pug farm

Challenge yourself and never quit day dreaming. Dreams will help grow you and help you discover the true things you want in life. 
Now get out there and chase your dreams!! 😴
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