I am a totally dog person as some of you may know! And I just wanted to share 7 reasons why I think puppies are the best! 

1. They are so cute

Puppies no matter what breed are just the cutest. They have the tinniest everything, noses, eyes, tails, etc. also their barks are so cute!

2. Puppy bellies

Those round little bellies are just the cutest things! They get so big too after they eat. But slowly they go away as the puppy gets bigger.

3. So soft

There is something so different in puppy fur. It is always just the softest thing you will ever feel! Just like those amazingly comfortable blankets!

4. Easy to train (depends on your puppy)

Right now at not even 3 months old Charlotte knows sit, down, roll over and paw. 

5. Tons of cuddles

Puppy cuddles are the best cuddles.Since they get tired easily, you get to cuddle with them all the time!

6. Tons of play time

Once your puppy wakes up from their nap you get to play play play! Charlotte loves all toys and they can be any size too! She loves bones, stuffed animals, chew toys, just all toys she loves to play with. 

7. Get to watch them grow

You get to be there for their whole life basically. You get to see how they grow up. Watch them learn their ways, learn new things. You get to watch huge milestones and you get to train them to be great dogs. And that is an amazing gift.

If you ever think about getting a puppy, know it is hard but they are amazing. Charlotte has only been in my life for almost 3 weeks but I have already learned so much about her and have seen so many changes in her. 
Here are some pictures of her if you want to watch her grow with me! (:

Have a great week guys! Sorry for no post last Sunday, life has gotten pretty busy! But expect this Sunday’s blog to be good!!