Christopher here just taking over Caitlyn’s blog for the day! Enjoy the post.
Can we all agree that kids are the best? Kids as in the tiny humans, not the baby goats. It’s strange–although as we grow older, we learn and remember the millions of things necessary to become functioning humans, almost everyone forgets one of the most important lessons in the world—how to be a kid.In the good ‘ol bible, Jesus actually straight-up tells us to have hearts like children. But what exactly does that mean? While nobody can say exactly what he meant by that, I like to think it means being childlike in our hearts, which will translate into our actions.

One of the things I think is important in life and staying young is to remain selfless. It honestly just makes everybody happier. Think about it—when you selflessly either give to or serve others, you get one of the best feelings in the world, they are grateful, and everybody wins. It’s amazing.

Have you ever wondered why kids just generally seem to be happier than adults? While part of it is definitely the fact that they haven’t really been exposed to the nasty bits of the world, another part of it is definitely that they take the time to play and to rest. We as adults tend to go full speed ahead for weeks, months, or even years. And that’s not healthy—physically or mentally. Humans weren’t really made to work as much as we do nowadays. We were made to enjoy the beautiful earth we were given. We were made to play in the rain. We were made to take walks in the forest and climb trees and camp and jump in rain puddles and smell flowers. And a good 5,000% of adults don’t do that. We go to our jobs, we worry about bills and expenses, we save our money scrupulously so we can be comfortable when we’re old. Why not live so we can enjoy life now, too? And I’m not saying to take trips to Europe and get Starbucks every day. I’m saying to take the time to enjoy life. Take some time to go outside and meditate in nature. Take some time to look at the stars and ooh and ah at everything like kids do. I guarantee you will enjoy life so much more when you take the time to enjoy yourself. If you take a day off of work and rest and enjoy yourself, I guarantee you’ll be happier than if you worked overtime to get a new car or tv or house. By all means, it’s good to work and be productive, but sometimes you gotta just kick up your feet and enjoy everything.