December 14, 2016 a little girl was born. This little girl was named Charlotte. She had 5 brothers and was the only girl. She loved her little family but felt like she wanted a forever home. So on February 10th, 2017 and only 8 weeks old, she got her wish.

We were supposed to pick Charlotte up on Saturday but the breeder told us that she was in town Friday night and that we could pick her up whenever we wanted. So at about 8:30 we went to the sketchy Motel 6 and picked up this sweet little baby.

She was so shy. And didn’t even make a noise. We got to meet her great grandma who was a fawn pug and then her dad who was brindle. They both were smaller than most pugs but they were both so cute. So off we were on our way home with my brand new puppy.

Charlotte has such an adventurous spirit. She always wants to explore and look at new things. She loves the snow outside and when I first put her out there to go potty, she was jumping and playing in it. She also tried climbing a tree we have in the backyard and decided she wanted to just take over the backyard.

Something cute Charlotte does since she is a puppy is that when she is sleeping,she suckles. It is the sweetest thing. And her tongue pokes out and it is so cute!


Charlotte has a big appetite. She always gets a ton of leftovers on her chin, but that doesn’t stop her from giving you kisses.

She is still small, sleeping at night will take time. She now started whining when she wanted to be cuddled. And she really doesn’t go to the bathroom outside at night. I will put her out each time I take her out of her crate, but she just explores. We have had 3 accidents in the house so far. All because Charlotte just explores outside and forgets to go to the bathroom. We will take her out for a good 5 minutes and she will do nothing, so then we bring her inside and boom, peeing on something.

She is so sweet and loves to cuddle like I said. Just this morning we were napping together and she had to touch me or be on me. She is a sound sleeper. You can do anything and she will stay asleep. I love messing with her tail. Pugs are known for their curly tails and Charlottes goes down each time she sleeps, so it is so fun to just play with.
Charlotte HATES baths. She was whining and crying and was only in the tub for a couple minutes but was not a happy camper.



Her favorite toy so far is her turkey that she loves to eat the face of. She also loves playing with your hands. So if you put them on the ground, she will just try and play with them. She is a spunky, jumpy girl. She loves playing with her sister Cheyenne and has a blast. They just run around in circles chasing each other.

She loves her family. Her great grandparents, grandparents and auntie.

We are in love with this cutie and I cannot wait for the many years of memories that she will bring. I love you Charlotte. 😘