As some of you know, I am getting a 9 week old brindle pug this Saturday. And I cannot tell you how excited I am. It has been such a long time since I have had a puppy. Our old pug, Ash, passed away in November and I will write about that in another post, but since then, there has been a hole in my heart. If you have owned a pug before, you will know what I am talking about. But pugs are very known for the noises they make, their smooshed faces, etc. And I have not had any of those noises anymore, no more squishy pug face. So I have started preparing for this new puppy, Charlotte.

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I am going to crate train Charlotte since I will be living in an apartment soon, I go to college, etc. I just think it would be best to put Charlotte in a safe space so she does not get into anything bad. It would calm my nerves knowing she is put away! It is also good for animals to have a place they can escape to. I am going to make sure I teach Charlotte that it is a good place to be, and not bad. She will receive tons of treats and chews when I place her in there. I need to place a cardboard piece inside the crate since she is super tiny, dogs are only supposed to have enough room so they can turn around, or else they might pee in their crate. So I have to make it a little bit smaller for her and as she learns and gets bigger, then take it away. I also have a puppy pad on the bottom of the crate so then if she pees it will be easier to clean up!


Another thing I am doing with Charlotte is that I am going to train her to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. This will help me to hear her when she needs to go outside instead of her just sitting by the door and such. It will also help when I live in an apartment so I can hear her when I am in my room or such. I also saw this thing on Pinterest, basically they have a box with sod and place it on their balcony so then the dogs are able to go pee on real grass. So if it is late, or bad weather, then I can have her go outside on the grass on my balcony. (I know, super smart.)


If you have a puppy I would totally recommend getting your toys from the dollar store. I did get some from other places but I made sure I got a wide range of toys so I can figure out which ones Charlotte likes best. (I got a lot of pigs because I say Charlotte is going to be my little piggy). Slowly I will learn what kind of toys she likes best and can go from there! I also got her some dental chews so as she starts getting her teeth, she can chew on them and they will clean her teeth in the process! ()

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Speaking of cleaning, I got her a toothbrush because I really want to get her used to me cleaning her teeth. My other dogs have horrible breath! Like it is deadly. So I want to make sure I do my best to keep up on Charlotte’s teeth! Another thing I am going to do is clean her wrinkle! So above a pug’s nose, they have a wrinkle, and most times it gets super dirty and you need to make sure it stays dry and clean. So I got some sensitive baby wipes (Because they are cheaper than dog wipes) to help get her used to that getting cleaned, and the same thing will happen with her ears too. I will also play with her paws and get her used to me cutting her nails. Our pug never liked her paws being messed with. So I want to get Charlotte used to all of these things so then while she grows up she is more willing to let me take care  of her as needed.




Pugs are known for being lazy chunky dogs, so I wanted to make sure I “calorie count” for Charlotte. I will just measure her food and make sure I walk her and exercise her enough so she does not get too chunky. But since she is a puppy she will be crazy active and she will also be growing a lot!



I will totally be writing my Sunday blog about her and her first day being with me! I am so excited to have this new family member with us! Stay tuned to meet this little cutie.


Bye guys!