4 years ago I decided that I wanted to be a middle school leader for my church and help push some little girls to Jesus! So I was going to go to church camp with them the summer of 2013.


As I was hanging out with my cabin getting know the girls, we decided to go to the river during our free time and have some fun! I left the crowd of girls to go walk to the gym to see what everyone else was doing and bumped into this guy. He was playing with water balloons with his cabin of boys. He then preceded to talk to me and it was like we had known each other for years! We then had a water balloon fight ourselves and just kept spraying each other with water, and mind you, we had just met right then. During this whole camp I would just try everything to get to talk to this boy who I thought was super cute.


(I am in the teal tank top right by the guy)

After camp was over and we were about to get on the busses to go home, I convinced this boy to sit next to me on the ride home and I was so excited. (Insert girl squeal). We just talked the whole way home and I remember we were watching The Emperor’s New Groove on the bus and this boy kept making comments about how beautiful Ezma was. And if you have watched this movie, you would know Ezma is ugly. So this boy made a ranking scale (He was so flirting with me).

#1 Ezma

#2 Emma Watson

#3 This middle schooler Scott

#4 The scum of the earth

#5 Me

And I remember kind of being a little bit hurt but I brushed it off. But we continued the ride talking and it was great. It sucked getting off the bus because I didn’t know if I would see him again since some leaders weren’t regular servers at church…

One month later I decided to be a part of this middle school mission trip to go to one of the lower parts of town and help serve the community. And guess who is on this trip? The cute boy, that’s right. So I would try everything to talk to him, or get him to notice me. Well a couple of the girls had this little fight about someone taking their pillow and sleeping with it and I decided to make it a court case since I was the witness to this event. So each girl brought up their side and my name was Ma Maw GG. I had a southern accent and just played this character and it was the funniest thing ever. All of the kids on the trip were watching and the leaders got involved and a ‘security guard’ locked me in a room due to being hostile. It was just hilarious. And this whole time this cute boy is watching me.


But soon this trip came to a close and again this cute boy would be gone and I barely just got to see him again.

Well Sunday came around and this boy would be there! He was a regular leader. So I would always get so excited for Sunday to roll around because I would get to see this boy. And I know, Sunday is for God and I should have been more focused on that but I was a 16 year old girl… cut me some slack. Each Sunday I would see him and sometimes I would miss a service and he would too and it was upsetting but I got over it. We would go to events like 7/11 where we basically have this party with middle schoolers and we would hang out together.

But that November 2013 I went over to his house because he mom was kind enough to ask me over for thanksgiving and I accepted. We played games and had a great time, and then as the night ended his mom walked me out to my car and I talked to her. She told me that he knew that I liked him and that I should just talk to him about it. So I texted him asking if he liked me. Never got a response…So I just pretended like nothing ever happened because it seemed like he did too.

We then went to this camp called Tadmor July 2014 and what was awesome was that I would spend my birthday up there and I thought that was super fun! Also they paired us up by grade in the games so it was both guys and girls and I thought that was great, because that boy and I were working with the same grade. So that whole camp we were right by each other’s sides.


And I will never forget this night. It was my birthday and we were having testimonies by the fire and one of my girls wanted me to go up with her as she gave her testimony, and I was sitting next to this boy, so I asked him to save our seats as we went up. When we came back to our seats, this guy tapped my shoulder and said “Look up”. We were in the middle of Oregon no lights really around us. The sky was so beautiful. You could see so many stars that you wouldn’t if you were in the city. And I thought it was so cool how this guy saw the beauty in the stars. After the testimonies were over we were all going to go roast marshmallows. But I asked this boy if he wanted to stay and look at the stars with me. Another one of my middle school girls wanted to see them too so it was the 3 of us just lying in this field staring at the stars. We looked up constellations and tried finding them and it was just such an amazing night, a great birthday.

I never understood why I couldn’t get over this boy. Months would go by and he would never ask me out to do anything, he never said he liked me or anything. I would always talk to his mom and she was so wonderful all those years when I was trying to figure out what was up with him, but I remember that camp her clearly saying “He has acted this way around anyone but you.”

A month later after going to a middle school event I stayed back talking to one of the guy leaders that told this boy and I that we needed to date (Shout out David). I flat out asked him, do you ever think me and this boy will date? His answer was “I do not know when but I do see you two dating at least once in your life.” And him saying that gave me so much hope that I wasn’t crazy for still having feelings for this guy.

But more time passed and this guy and I were still the same. We always talked and would be sarcastic with each other. One day he came back to the sound booth where I would run the music and told me about how some girls thought he was cute and wanted him to flex his arms and they called him a sexy redneck and I thought it was the funniest thing. I would always be like “flex you sexy redneck” when I saw him. Then we went to winter camp and that was so great. This was February 2015. Once we came back I sent him this text:


And the response back, “We are just friends.” Plain, simple and to the point. I mean I was totally sad but I was fine with it. Then he wouldn’t talk to me for a month, and that made me so sad because we would always talk.

April 1st 2015 I decided to meet with his mom and just talk and she told me that he was talking about doing this April fools prank and say we were dating. Because everyone wanted us to date because they thought we were “perfect together”. So I texted him and asked about this plan and we totally did it. We made it Facebook official and everyone was so excited.


And we kept talking that day trying to figure out how we could fool more people into thinking that we were dating. My mom was not falling for it and I was most upset about that because I thought it would be the best prank for her. But then Christopher kept saying that we should keep pretending so we could fool all the middle school leaders which was two weeks away from when we would see them. And I slowly started thinking about how that wouldn’t be an April fool’s prank if we did that. I was also kind of upset just because I wanted it to not be a joke but I knew it was.

But later that Christopher and I started texting and this is what went down:

(The first text was him saying his mom asked him why it was a joke.)

fhfg sldfjkghdf djfd                                       kdfhsg           slkghdf

And that ladies and gentlemen is how I started dating my amazing boyfriend of almost two years. I couldn’t have asked for a better love story.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentines Day, whether you have someone to share it with or are single! It is a great holiday celebrating love! And love can be with a boyfriend/girlfriend or even just friends and family! Just let someone know you love them!

Have a great week everyone!