I have recently entered the world of getting subscription boxes and may I say I absolutely love it. I am one of those people that loves getting mail, I mean it has my name on it and it just makes me feel so adult-like. I know, I am weird. But that is beside the point. I have an addiction to going to Target and getting little trinkets or looking around at Ulta or Sephora and drooling over the makeup that I do not really even know how to use. I just find these things to be fun and I think most girls do. I mean we have the stereotype of being obsessed with shopping and I know I fall under that crowd. There are moments where I am a boy when it comes to shopping, where you go in for what you need, you get those items and you get out. Also, surprises are the best. So why not combine all of these things and get a subscription box I asked myself. And then I took the plunge.


The first subscription I signed up for was Ipsy.


This is a make-up and beauty subscription where you can get 5 items once a month. But I technically think of it as 6 items because you do get a cute makeup bag along with the 5 items. One of the things I like about subscriptions is the fact it gets tailored to what you like and also your skin type, color. Etc. Each month, they go around a certain theme to base colors off of, their bag, and just the style for that month. For this month the theme was Metropolis. So the feel of being a city babe, fast pace and coffee drinkers. So I got 5 deluxe samples/full size products this month and I just wanted to share them with you!

First let’s start off with the bag:



This bag is gray and blue, it has a spongy like feel and it very casual. I love getting these little bags because I always put one in my backpack, or my purse, just so my makeup does not spill everywhere and plus it is easy to find.

Product #1

Pretty Women Nail Polish in “I can’t deal”

Perfect name for this color, it is a nice soft gray and matches this bag perfectly. The one downside is that you do have to put on a couple coats of this nail polish for it to fully cover your nail. But other than that it is great! And for you vegans out there, this is a vegan nail polish!


Product #2

Trust Fund Beauty lip-gloss in “Blame Game”

I love this shade. It is a deep pinky nude and it goes with every outfit I swear. It is not a sticky gloss and it actually stays on for a while! One thing I am not too obsessed with is the smell, it does not have the most pleasant scent, but beauty is pain right?


Product #3

Jelly Pong Pong Coffee and Coconut Lib Scrub

I love lip scrubs. They are so nice and make your lips feel super soft. I have very sensitive skin so it is super nice that this is hypoallergenic. Makes my skin very happy, but again, the smell is not too great! The mixture with coffee and coconut is not my favorite!



Product #4

Naked Cosmetics Mica Pigment in “Desert Sunset 02”

I do not normally wear eyeshadows unless on special occasions so I have no fully tried using this pigment, but I did swatch it and it looks gorgeous. It shines very nice and it blended really well by itself, so I would love to see what it is like with other colors!


Last but not least, Product #5

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Rose Gold Tweezers

I have a sister and mother who are thieves and steal my tweezers so I need to hide this beautiful pair! They are not as sharp as my other pair from the dollar store so it is harder to get those little hairs, but this might be weird…But it does not hurt as bad when plucking. Maybe it is because they are pretty….Maybe not…Who knows.


So that is Ipsy, and for all of these, it is only 10 bucks! It is super cheap and you get a lot of product for what you pay for! Here is a link if you wanted to sign up for Ipsy!




Next subscription box is a seasonal one, FabFitFun





It is a beauty, wellness, fitness and fashion box. It is very fun since they circle their items around the seasons, so I got the winter season and as you will see there are some fun things that are very winter-y. This box I got was the editor’s special so I got 9 different items and I am pretty sure that is how it is in most boxes. So onto showing you the fun things!


Product #1

ModCloth Latch and Key Scarf


I love my blanket scarves and I have gotten a bunch of them from Walmart for 9 bucks so when I saw this one I was kind of like “I can get this for so much cheaper”. But let me tell you that this scarf is seriously so warm! It is super thick and it is actually square so you can do a lot of different styles with it! It is also a super cute pattern with great colors! (Retails as $34.99)


Product #2

The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug


Gotta love being called gorgeous by your drink, I mean, it brings a smile to my face. Also it keeps my drink not on me! Most to go coffee cups spill easy or leak, and so far so good with this cup! One cool fact about this company (The Created Co.) they donate 10% of their profits to charity’s that actually help people get clean water. (Retails as $19.00).


Product #3

FabFitFun Coloring Book & Color Pencils


I actually got color pencils from my best friend for Christmas so I will most likely use those! But the coloring book is so great with this cold weather. When you get bored and have to stay inside, you can just relax and color for a while. Since I am ADD I cannot normally sit down and finish a coloring page, but since these pages are smaller than most coloring books, it actually helps a lot! (Retails as $14.00)


Product #4

Manna Kadar Lip Lock Priming Gloss Stain



At first this looks like a nude color but let me tell you it is for sure a darker pink. One coat and my lips looked so different! It is a lip-gloss, lip stain and primer all in one. And you can definitely tell that the gloss is going nowhere after you put it on! (Retails as $24.00)


Product #5

Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Hair Oil


I have not had the chance to use this product but I will inform you more about it. This is a styling spray that helps make your hair feel smooth. It helps get rid of frizzes and gives a nice healthy shine! It is also a pretty big bottle for an oil, most oils come in really small containers! (Retails as $22.99)


Product #6

O.R.G. Skin Care Mineral Peel Face



I again have not used this product so I will only be able to let you know a little about it. This is an all-natural enzyme exfoliant with brightening agents that extracts dermal debris and dead skin in seconds! What I find crazy is that it is a spray! I have never used a peel mask that is a spray. I can’t wait to try it. (Retails as $44.00)


Product #7

Jook & Nona Tag Necklace


Man is this necklace Pinterest like! I love little necklaces that say cute things. I wear a cross necklace most days that says “Love, Hope Faith” that one of my friends gave to me for Christmas last year! So I will now have another necklace to choose from! It is nice because it does not fall that low on your neck. It is about mid chest length and it says happy. (Retails as $65.00)


Product #8

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette



I am a sucker for nude eyeshadows because I like the natural look. I never really put on a crazy amount of make up so it is nice to have these plain shades! There are twelve shades and some are matte and some are shimmery. I swatched some and they look beautiful and go on very smooth. (Retails as $50.00)


Product #9

Zoya Nail Polish in Rush



This nail polish is AMAZING. I only needed one coat and it dried so fast. I always am that girl that chips her nail polish right after she paints them so it was nice to have it dry within the minute! I also love my nude nail polishes because they have to match your outfits! This one is also vegan. (Retails as $10.00)


And that is FabFitFun. This box cost me 39.99 and these items all retailed at $238.98. It was a great buy and it only really costs 49.99 every 3 months. So you get 4 boxes a year. They have a schedule of when the boxes come out on their website so you can check it out! If you want to sign up for this subscription I have this link that can take you there!





Have a great week guys!