Think, 19 years old. Sophomore in college, has a car, has a job… what is the next thing that should come up on that list, moving out. I have been thinking about 2017 being the year that I decide to move out of my parents’ home. I mean there really is no reason why I shouldn’t, unless I wanted to save money…. Which I mean is a really great reason, but hey, life experience is better right? I am a hardcore extrovert, I love people and like to think I am a likeable person. But one thing that I kind of suck at is being alone. Obviously since I am an extrovert. I have a lot of anxiety so that is also a contributor to why I do not like being alone. But my mom and I were talking one day and she was telling me how she thought it would be a great idea if once I had the money and stability that I should move out on my own and experience what that is like. Because my whole life plan was going to be live with my parents for 4 years (or until I got married) and then got my degree and moved out. I thought that was smart because I want to go to graduate school so I was going to save money by staying in town, not paying room and board and then move out when I went to graduate school. I thought that was a great plan, but when my mom brought this idea up to me it really made me reconsider the plan I had.

Have you ever gone inside Marshalls or Home Goods and looked at all the cool furniture and little knick knacks? I do it all the time. I love walking around those stores and look at everything. I also look on Pinterest all the time and one of the first boards I ever created was a dream home board. I have always dreamed of having my own place. I would always imagine how I would organize my kitchen and how I would arrange furniture inside my living room. If I would have a TV in my room or just in the living room. So once my mom said that I should think about possibly moving out, I went full force into the move out mode.

Last year during Black Friday we decided to get my sister all the things that she needed for when she moved out. Like plates, cups, tuberware, crockpot, etc. Since everything would be so cheap, it was a great idea. So this year I did that. I basically have everything I need to move out besides like pot holders, cleaning supplies, little things like that that you just can’t get until you move in or are right about to move into your own place.

Then what I had to do was start looking at places, prices, and what I wanted in an apartment. So I looked at and looked at all the apartments that were in my area. I needed a place that was good for me. Since my work and school are polar opposite parts of town, I kind of had an option to live anywhere in the area. But there was one thing that I really wanted in an apartment that really narrowed my choices down and that was that I wanted a washer and dryer inside my own personal apartment. I had about 4 apartments left that were in my price range that had the one main quality I wanted. So off on an adventure I went with my mom and we went to go around and look at places. And with looking at each place we were able to eliminate 2 of those choices off of the list and now I am left with two. So I went the cheaper and newer option. And with the next couple months I will take the plunge to move out on my own and turn the page to a new chapter called……major adulting.

Once I actually start the process of moving out I will let you all know more about that! Thank you all for your support on these blogs!

Have a great week everyone!