Back in June I was told by my ENT that I would have to have sinus surgery. I already wrote a blog post about that, so go check it out if you have not yet. But after that surgery nothing had changed. I went to my post op appointment and was told everything was fine, but then due to the weirdness at my ENT I did get another check-up for 3 months, which was ridiculous. But month after month I would go see my doctor and they would always say the same thing, “your nose is still inflamed and that is still considered normal since you had surgery a while ago”. So they prescribed me with this nasal spray steroid that did nothing besides make my nose bleed, but I would keep using it just like the doctor said. Then last week I went to see him like normal and told him I was still having head pain and that I had a sinus infection about a month ago and I felt great, no head pain. But then after I got off the steroids the urgent care gave me, the pain came back. So he used a flexible scope to look inside my nose and saw something was not right.


(Pre First Surgery)


If you don’t like gross things then skip ahead:

So from the last surgery they didn’t shave the sinuses enough so there is a huge wall of mucus that isn’t able to leave my nose, it’s being held up by sinuses that needs to be shaved down. And then I also have puss that is stuck in my sinuses which sucks.


Continue reading those with weak stomachs. 

So again I shall be going under the knife. And for the same reason as the first time. I have to have a functional endoscopic sinus surgery and possibly something else that the doctor has not confirmed yet. They will shave down more of my sinuses and open them up a little more. They will also spray them clean and place some medicine to help my nose heal.

Basically there is a good reason why I am still having pain between my eyebrows. I am praising God for this answer. I am such an anxious person and I am extremely terrified of the unknown. So knowing I have pain in my head, I just assume the worst. ALWAYS. No matter how little it is. I am just one of those people. So I was just thinking about what the pain could be since I kept hearing doctors say I am fine, that there is no reason I should be feeling the way I do.  And I was just slowly giving up hope for my head pain. Just slowly thinking that I would have to live with this pain forever. But no, I shouldn’t have to do that. God always has a plan for everything. Even if it’s bad.

I was talking to my co-worker the other day and we were talking about how God always gives you puzzle pieces, even though they are random pieces, slowly you can realize how it goes together. Like the puzzle looks like it might be a sea but then you get a random dog on one of the pieces, so you are like “what the heck, how does this go with the puzzle”. But later you figure out how that piece fits. That’s just like life. I always need to remember no matter how good or bad things go for me and my life, that there is always a plan for it. God loves all his children and he loves YOU. No matter what your life is like right now, good or bad, he loves you. So having that hope for the Lord helps me get through a lot so that is why I share this.

Please keep me in your prayers as I will be having surgery in March and slowly as the time grows closer my anxiety will grow as well.


Guys have a great week and stay warm out there!! Until next time!