A couple months ago I decided that I was going to go to the chiropractor to help the pain in my neck. When I went into the office I was greeted by amazing chiropractor, she was super sweet and had me fill out paperwork she then did an examination. She use this machine that detected the heat inside my back to see if there was anything that was off or if one side was hotter than the other, just little things like that. There was a little bit of heat that was in the left side of my back, which is sometimes normal with people. Then she did a visual exam, looking at my posture and if once I was higher than the other. She noticed that my left hip was higher than the other and that my left shoulder was higher than the other. She then also asked me to bend down and touch my toes and do different kinds of stretches that are pretty normal day to day stretches. She was amazed by how flexible I was, since I am able to touch the ground with my hands which most people aren’t able to do. Then she wanted to take some x-rays. When she was taking the x-rays she just took them and then moved onto the next x-ray. She then reviewed over the x-rays and was amazed by the difference that was shown from my body to the x-rays. I saw the x-rays and she told me that I have idiopathic lumbar scoliosis. Idiopathic means that they do not know how this was caused and then lumbar is the part of the back that is affected by the scoliosis. The lumbar is the bottom part of your spine. So my back does a double S. Because I also have scoliosis that affects my neck as well. This has been a part of why I have such bad headaches and also why my neck is a stiff as it is. She told me when looking at my x-rays that I also had some suffered something dramatic on my neck because of the scar tissue that was on one side of my neck. And I had no idea what had happened because I never been in a car crash, I never had anything really severe happen to me that I remembered.


Later when I was talking to my mom after I figured I had scoliosis and the severe neck trauma she then reminded me about summer camp of 2013 where I had gone on a blob. A blob is basically a giant pillow in the middle of the river or lake where one person will lay on one edge and another person will jump onto it flinging that one person sitting on the blob into the air and falling into the body of water. Well I had a friend that was a little bit bigger than me decide to blob me and this was the first time I have ever been on the blob, so since he was a little bit heavier than me he sent me straight up into the air and I have no control over my body so I come landing down onto the water so hard. I swore that I broke my neck when I hit the water because of how bad it hurt. And my mom reminded me of this and it totally made me think yes, this could be what my chiropractor was talking about when she said trauma.

I went back the next day to get adjusted and also to tell her that I remembered what had happened to me because the neck trauma. I told her the story and she said that that could be a strong possibility of something that would happen because the scarring looks very old so it cannot be anything recent. But that this could be a reason why I have such scar tissue in my neck. It’s crazy how something so little can be so big in your life. I said it before in another blog that getting an answer can open up so much in your life and make you feel so much better knowing that there’s something else wrong with you and it’s not just you, that you’re not crazy. Since I still have headaches and my ENT kept saying that there was nothing wrong with me I kept thinking that I was crazy. But when the chiropractor said that I had lumbar scoliosis it made me feel so much better even though it is a hard thing to deal with. It made me feel good knowing that there was an answer to why I was having pain. When she first adjusted me I noticed a severe difference in my body and in my head. Part of my headache was already gone it was just instantaneously gone. It was such a weight off my body physically and mentally because I was able to move my neck from side to side which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Which I did not realize I couldn’t do until I saw her. I have been seeing my chiropractor for over a month now and I’ve noticed a huge change in my body being able to move better being able to stand better it’s a very different since one hip was higher than the other to feel the shift now feels lower.


Even though I am feeling better and my body is starting to get to where it should be, I still have a long way to go. I see my chiropractor three times a week due to the severity of my scoliosis. I am also learning ways to sleep better because scoliosis affects the way you sleep once you see a chiropractor, the way you sleep before isn’t comfortable anymore and you cannot sleep on your stomach because it’ll twister spine because your neck can’t be completely straight. So sleeping on your back or sleeping on your side are the best positions to sleep with when you have scoliosis. I personally hate sleeping on my back because I find it uncomfortable. But I am learning new ways for sleeping on my side that will help my neck and make sure it’s supported. I’ve also bought a back brace to help me sit up straight. It helps me also have support to my back since I don’t sit properly anyway and it takes a huge relief off of my spine since I’m not curled over. My job mainly has me sitting on the computer and typing emails and answering phone calls then since I am a full-time college student I have to sit down and take notes, so this does not help with having scoliosis.

When looking up the kind of scoliosis I had and I was researching things that I can do to help make my spine and the muscles around my spine stronger, I saw that there were many things that I’ve done in my childhood and everything to make my scoliosis worse. Running is a bad things for your back if you have scoliosis because of how much your body hits the ground it can actually compressed of the disks inside your back. So when I quit cross country my junior year of high school it was actually a blessing even though I was so upset about it. Because I loved running and I still wanted to do it even though I was so sick. It is amazing how God works to actually help you in the long run but you don’t think about it in that moment. I’m very grateful that I did quit cross country because my back could be way worse than it is today.

If you have pain or any problems of that sort do you go get it checked out by a doctor. And if they say nothing is wrong with you but you do feel like something is, don’t give up. Don’t just let someone say that you’re totally fine and just give up. Because you know your body better than anyone else. I mean you might not know exactly what’s wrong with you like if you have a certain disease or anything like that because you’re not a doctor but you are able to trust your own intuition and know if something is wrong with you or not because you should not be in pain all the time. We were not built like that. God made us to be beautiful creations that live life and praise him. But we are not meant to live a life full of pain and suffering. That is why Jesus died for us to take away our suffering and give us opportunity for peace and comfort in knowing that this is not our home and that we have way better things for us in heaven. So I hope that I can help inspire you to get healthy if you weren’t feeling that great. To ask you doctors questions and to not stop if you don’t get any answers. Have a wonderful day guys I am praying for you all.