I do not know how many times I have had someone say to me “Oh my goodness you are left handed?” like it is some magical power. “OMG yes I am, let me show you the abilities I have.” I never really saw myself as a minority. I mean yes I am a woman and most people see women as a minority, but I am white, middle-class, average grades, just very basic. But not until I got into high school did I realize how different it is to be left handed.
Most kids when they learn to tie their shoes, have a pretty easy time learning how to tie their shoes. Well, since my mom was right-handed and so was my sister, and no one around me was left-handed, I had to teach myself how to tie my shoes. I mean, I was able to mirror my mother and look at the general idea but I mean come on, how is a 5/6 year old who is left-handed supposed to be able to tie their shoes. So heck yeah thank you flats and strap on shoes. I had to do the two bunny loops until I was 15 years old and finally realized how to do the one loop and then tie the lace around it and tuck it in move.

Also when I was 6 years old I did T-ball. Do you know how expensive left-handed gloves are for sports? EXPENSIVE. On top of that, do you know how hard they are to find? HARD. Also, I got made fun of because I hit the ball the opposite way than the other kids. So much for me becoming some big softball star.


I have also heard and read so many articles about parents forcing their children to be right-handed. They take the crayon out of their left hand and place it into their right. And they do that over and over again, I mean yes, left-handed people have problems but why change who a kid is to fit what you want them to be. What is really so bad with being left-handed. I mean right handed people probably have problems of their own. Rant over.

I am just going to go through a list of things that right-handed people do not know the struggle of, but left-handed people do:

  • Spiral notebooks
  • Lead pencils and the side of your hand
  • Ink pens that don’t dry in 2 seconds
  • Can openers
  • Door handles
  • Computer Mouse
  • Guitars
  • Cutting your food with a knife while using the fork
  • School desks
  • Video game controllers
  • Scissors
  • Eating dinner next to a right handed person
  • 3 Ring binders
  • Car cup holder
  • Number pad on the keyboard
  • Measuring cups and having to use the Metric system
  • Signing your name when using credit, the pen is on the right

So for all your lefties out there, we must stick together in this right hand world we live in. We cannot be contained by this discrimination.

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But in all seriousness, lefties have it hard, so please don’t take the left-handed desks in classes, we need those.

Have a great week everyone!