Remember my other blog that spoke about my nose surgery and everything? Well, I recovered from the surgery nicely. I mean I sat on my butt for a solid week barely being able to eat with (GROSS WARNING) bright orange stuff coming out of my nose. I was not really in much pain at all, but I was definitely nauseous and lost a lot of weight during that whole week.

Well the next couple months I had to deal with the stupidity of the ENT office. Man they are busy and not really organized.

Cool ADD story. So I had my one month checkup supposed to happen in July. Well after my appointment I was going to go a theme park with my boyfriend as my birthday present. Well I waited to be called back into a room for over 30 minutes and then I waited in a room for 30 minutes and I was so sick of waiting so I asked them to reschedule my appointment. I mean yes, I was frustrated with that, but what made it even worse was when I went back for the rescheduled appointment A MONTH LATER and I walked in after getting done with school, and I was told “Oh, no one called you?” (I never received any call) and I said no. And then they told me “Oh, yeah, the doctor is not here so we will have to reschedule.” Then I had to ANOTHER MONTH for the appointment I had a couple days ago. I know what some of you are thinking “Why didn’t you cancel the appointment and go somewhere else or just be done”. Well I am still having headaches and wanted answers from a doctor I trusted.

So I waited 30 minutes to see this doctor and he checked my nose and shoved a rod up it (pretty usual) and said that everything the surgeon did looked to be healing nice and went smoothly, and that there was no infections. So that was good. But he did say that there was a possible reason for my headaches. I had told him that I was not able to get anything out of my nose when I blew it and that I was having pain between my eyebrows. So the doctor told me that there is most likely a scar band that this blocking my nasal passageway. (So basically the reason I had surgery in the first place). And the only way to fix it is to go back into the nose and break up the scar tissue, place a stent inside my nose and then it would be solved.

Today I had a CT scan to confirm if I will need surgery or not. So please pray for me during this time! I am actually pretty excited for if I have surgery. It is nice having an answer to the pain I am having and that it can be solved.

I hope that if you are in pain and are struggling to find answers that you fight to get some. No one should always be in pain. Prayer was always comforting in my time of pain and it still is.

This video I put below is about a girl that has lime disease and it took her so long to figure it out, you should watch it:

Have a great week!! Also I apologize for the lack of content recently! School, work and life have kept me busy these past couple months! I will be sure to get back into blogging! But until next time!! (: