I first wanted to start off by saying sorry that there has not been a blog for a while! Life has gotten crazy busy after I was healed after surgery. I actually got another job and honestly have not had any time to myself for a while! But any who, onto the blog!

I just had my 19th birthday and honestly I do not feel that old! Sometimes I still think that I am 6. I know I act like it sometimes! (; But it is crazy how fast life flies by. I always try to live life everyday like it’s my last. I know that most people think that statement is kind of depressing, but to me it really helps uplift me and to always have a positive attitude to start each day off right.  But man is 19 an awkward age. You are legally an adult and have been for a year now, but you aren’t really adult in society’s eyes. Most people still live with their parents at 19, I mean I do.

One thing the really bugs me about these years are how you are unable to just put your own information on things such as the FAFSA. Sorry for this rant but it needs to happen. I remember in English 101 I wrote a paper on why you should get married young and one of my major reasons was because you actually save more money marrying young because of the FAFSA. Each person as to put their parent’s information on the FAFSA until they are 24 or are married. And for me, my parents are pretty well off and I don’t get any help from the government for school. But my parents do not pay for my college unlike most people’s parents. This screws college students who do not make that much money over! Like why is the age 24? You are already done with your bachelor’s degree and most likely done with your masters if you do not take a break from school! This is why most students have student debt, because they have to take loans to actually go to school because they are unable to pay for it themselves in full. But if they were able to just put their information on the FAFSA they would have their college paid full.

Okay rant done.

But 19 is so awkward. This is how ages go:

10- Finally hit double digits.

11-12- Awkward

13- You become a teenager

14- Awkward

15- You get your permit

16- You get your license

17- You can watch rated R movies

18- You become a legal adult and have the right to vote, smoke cigarettes if you want, play the lottery..etc

19-20 AWKWARD.

Why does the transition into adulthood have to be so difficult?! If anyone has tips on how to make these years pass by fast, do let me know! I am going to just live these years like they are my last and thank God for every birthday because life is amazing. Even if it is awkward.

Hurrah for 19 years and many more!