Flash back to December 17th, 2013. Most of you were probably doing your average ordinary thing, maybe Christmas shopping or doing something. Well, on this day, I bought my first car ever. 2006 Chrysler Sebring Touring Convertible. It had 249,000 miles on it but my dad and I talked about it and we said that it had to have been highway miles since the car was not that old at the time.

I had worked four jobs that summer once I turned 16. I worked for Claires, Aeropostale, my church and I also babysat. And in 5 short months, I saved up 1200 dollars. I went to this dealership to check out this one car I had been looking at online that I was interested in, and my dad and I test drove it and realized that that car would not have been a good fit for me. Also it did not run that good so we decided not to get it. Well, while walking around in the used car lot, just peeking at cars, I saw my car. Nice white convertible. I was like “DAD, this one is only 2000.” And after all my time of begging, my dad asked the car salesman if he could drive that car.

Funny thing was that the car was only on the lot for about 4 hours because the lady who owned it traded it in. Well, we test drove the car and there was really nothing wrong with the car. So my dad started the negotiating process and I was able to get the car.


This is the photo my mom took when we started signing the paperwork to purchase the car. I have never been excited for anything else in my life. I was 16 and finally getting my own car that I had worked so hard for.


I ended up getting the car and I was so excited. Funny thing was, that when I finally got the car, it was around 5/6pm and I had to go babysit straight away. So I hopped into my new car and headed off to babysit. Then right after I was done with that, I used the money that I had earned babysitting to help get some fun things for my new car. I got some air fresheners, a steering wheel cover, etc. I felt so cool to be able to get things for MY car. It was a completely different experience than I have ever had before. I have never worked so hard for something in my life. Besides paying for college, that car was the most expensive thing that I had ever purchased.

The one thing that makes it so hard to say goodbye to my car, was the fact that I had gone through so much with it. I know it sounds stupid, but I really did love that car. There are so many memories and stories that I have because of that car. Like my best friends and I driving in the middle of the night to go to Albertsons in the summer and we put the top down and were blasting music. Another one being when my boyfriend Christopher and I got dinner to go and were going to watch the sunset, we pulled into this dirt lot and my car got stuck. We both tried pushing it out and we were actually by a hotel and these two really nice men helped us push out the car and get back on the road! I remember taking my car up to the top of the universe (a place in the city I live) and always thinking my car would stop right then and I would roll down the hill, but then getting to the top and just sitting in my car and having a blast.


My car’s name was Mace. I named him that because I texted my best friend right after I had bought the car and asked her what she thought I should name my car. She told me that I should name it Macy. Well I did not want my car to be a girl. I wanted it to have a boy name, just in case I had a creepy guy hit on me and ask me out, then I would be able to say “Oh sorry, I have a boyfriend” and then I could say my boyfriend’s name was Mace.

I loved Mace and I will always remember the times I had with my first car ever.