Who gets to say that they were told by a doctor that they need a nose job at 18?! This girl. Here, let me tell you the story.

I have had chronic headaches for over a year. I got my eyes checked. I went on allergy medications. I tried many different nasal sprays, nasal steroids. I had two X-rays. I went to the emergency room one day because I was so done with the head pain and they did a CT scan and said everything was normal. I went and saw my normal doctor and she told me to see an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. So I called the office of an ENT and it was about a month and a half wait to get an appointment. Well my doctor actually told the ENT that I had chronic ear infections, which is true, but that was not my main issue. So when I went to the appt, I was actually only supposed to see an ear doctor. When the day of the appt came, I went to the doctor and the nurse did the basic procedure, take my temperature, blood pressure, asked me basic questions about why I was there. She asked me about my ears and asked the last time I had a hearing test. Well since the last time I took a hearing test was in middle school, they had the doctor who I was scheduled to see, check my hearing and my ears.

I went into this sound booth looking room. Like what a music artist records their records in and the doctor checked my hearing. He played these weird noises. They were like waves. It is so hard to explain, but it was weird. Well after the test, the doctor looks at the results and was like “You have above average hearing and your ears look perfectly fine.” SHOCK. I told the nurse beforehand that my problem was with my head and my sinuses and my doctor knew I had bad headaches but said I had ear problems. Well anywho, I was taken back to the exam room and was told to wait there for the nurse. 10 minutes pass by and you know how they keep your chart behind the door for the doctors to grab before they come into the room? Well I heard someone grab that chart and then say “Why does she need to be seen?” and then I heard my nurse say “She has been complaining about headaches for over a year and her ears are fine.” Well this doctor come into the room and introduces himself to me. He said that he was a nose doctor and specializes in sinuses. I thought to myself, TALK ABOUT A GOD MOMENT AHHHHHHH. So he does the basic check up on my ears and asks me about my ears, and kind of had an attitude which worried me because it seemed like he didn’t care and was going to try and figure out a way to get rid of me. But then after he looks at everything on my face and neck, he looks at my nose. He looked into my nose and said “Yup she has a deviated septum and her nose is very inflamed”.

Well after that, he looks at my CT scan since it was from the same hospital. He was very silent and looked at it for a good 3 minutes without saying a thing. But then he gets this weird look on his face and then he says “The ER doctors told you that this scan was normal?” and I said yes. Then the doctor said to me “Yeah no, they were wrong. And I can tell you why you have headaches.”

Let me tell you all that needs to be done to my nose.

  • Repair nasal septum
  • Ablate inf turbinate submuc
  • Ther fx nasal inf turbinate
  • Nasal/Sinus endoscopy surg
  • Exploration maxillary sinus
  • Endoscopy maxillary sinus

So in English I will tell you what is wrong. My nose is crooked so it makes one side of my sinuses larger than the other. It also makes the nostrils narrower on one side, making it hard to breathe. Also, when you have a cold or allergies happen, and your sinuses can drain and you blow your nose. Well mine are completely shut. So that means that the doctor has to surgically open the sinus drainage and cut it so it can actually drain. They will also clean out my sinuses so I’m not all stuffed up. This basically means that I am getting a nose job, because with a deviated septum, they actually break your nose and place it to be straight, and they take out the Jewish bump if you have one, and I do. So I will have a new nose after my surgery on the 24th of this month!!! Sooooooo close. I am extremely anxious but I am totally leaning on God to help calm my spirit and let me feel safe and secure. And as the time comes closer I know that I will be even more anxious, so prayers would be greatly appreciated.

I will inform you of how the surgery goes afterward, but I will be out for about a week the doctor, and it won’t be completely healed until about a month, two months.

But if any of you are going to have surgery or have chronic pain, know that there is an answer. It might take a year to figure it out, but you won’t always be in pain. Trust God, Pray, Have good supporting friends that lift you up and help you forget about the pain, and ALWAYS tell your doctor everything that is wrong so you can help find the problem soon.

I love you all, have an amazing week. And remember that God loves each and every one of you!