Hello June Quotes WallpaperI find it absolutely crazy how it is June already. 2016, slow down.  How have all of you been doing on your New Year’s resolutions? I failed mine, just being honest. I was going to have another year where I stopped drinking soda. But there was one day where I was just having a rough moment because I was so tired, and I was like “Screw it, I want a coke.” So I decided that I did not have to just set goals for my New Year’s resolutions, but that I could set them at any point. And why not start some half year resolutions! Here are some of the things that I set as my goals for this half year:
Get closer to Christ.

Get my nose fixed.

Get in shape.

Eat better.

Stop drinking soda.

Work hard in both school and at my job.

I know that these are pretty basic goals that most people would like, well besides the ‘get my nose fixed’. But I really have been slacking on all of these, and if I just do a little better, that will make me so happy! One thing that I recommend to anyone who is trying to change their lifestyle, have a support buddy who will help keep you accountable. It really helps having someone who asks about your life and how your goals are going. And if you have a significant other, they are pretty awesome at bugging you, but in a nice way!

So if you did not make your New Year’s resolutions and kept them, it is not too late to restart! Always aspire to be better, you can always improve! Whether it be internal or external. But make sure it is healthy! I don’t want you all to go out and change too much about yourself or feel like you are never enough because you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14). So make sure that you aren’t starving yourself, or becoming a gymaholic, or beating yourself up mentally. Love who you are, but if you do not like something about yourself, pray about it and slowly change it, at a healthy pace.

I will keep you updated on how my goals go, but I am not promising that I will keep up with them. I will try my hardest to better myself and get healthy.

Have an amazing week, and remember to love yourself!