1302c936-97a3-48e0-9415-f60f1a1571ffFor this mother’s day, my mom, sister and I all got our first tattoos. We have all been talking about getting tattoos for years now, but we finally decided to get one. I knew that I wanted my tattoo to be about God because I knew that I would never regret that being on my body. It would be a good reminder to myself about God’s love for me and all He has done in my life. I also wanted to get my tattoo so I would be able to witness to people. If any of you have tattoos or know someone with one, the one thing they always get asked about their tattoos is “What does it mean?” Unless it is obvious what it means. I wanted to be able to share what my tattoo means and maybe have a chance to share my testimony with that person. It might be the one time they hear about Jesus, or it might cause them to think about their faith a little bit.
Well let’s get into why I placed my tattoo where I did.  Like I just said, I wanted to get my tattoo where other people would be able to see it and ask about it. But I also wanted to see it myself, and have the opportunity to hide it if I needed to, if I had a job where I could not have a tattoo. So the wrist seemed like the best place to stick it. Also, I love wrist tattoos, they always look REALLY cool. I am very happy that I decided to place it there!

Now about getting the tattoo done. I have been asked multiple times about if it hurt to get it done on my wrist. Well this is my only tattoo so I can’t compare it to another one and say that the wrist was worse or not. But, I can say that it did not hurt that much and I have the worst pain tolerance. It really was not that bad. My artist was left handed like me and he started from the edge of my wrist and worked his way in (Starting at the V not the G), so backwards than what would be normally done. It was not that bad at first, it was just like a vibrating burning if that makes sense. And then once he got into the middle of my wrist was where all the nerve endings are and that is when it started hurting a little more. But it was not a pain that was unbearable. It also only lasted like 5 minutes because the tattoo was not that big. So if you were thinking about getting a tattoo on your wrist, I say go for it.

Okay okay, most of you are probably now asking “What does it mean?” It means, God is greater than the highs and the lows.

G – God

> – Greater than

^ – Highs

V – Lows

I absolutely love this, because it is not a saying, it is kind of code and secretive. At least to me it is. Also it is SO true. God is so wonderful and brings me so much hope in the good and the bad. I know that the things that I go through in life are happening for a greater purpose than I may not understand at the time. But this tattoo is a great reminder of how good God really is.

So if any of you are thinking about getting a tattoo, pray about it number 1. Number 2, make sure that it is something that you are very passionate about, that you would not mind seeing in 10 years, 20 years. Ask yourself “Will there ever be a time where I will not like this tattoo?” If you say yes, it is not the tattoo for you.  Next piece of advice, research your artist and go to a good tattoo parlor. You would rather pay a lot of money for a good tattoo than not so much money for something that you will hate. Think about if it would be pleasing to God. Because in the bible it does say that your body is a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19). But all in all, make sure you love it, and if you feel like it is right, then do it and regret nothing!

Have an amazing day! (: